07- Town Meeting

Town of Holden Beach – BOC’s Regular Meeting
Tuesday, July 18, 2017
“Unofficial” Minutes & Comments – Lou’s Views

Board of Commissioners’ Agenda Packet
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Interviews for Vacancies on Town Boards

Public Hearing: Ordinance 17-10, An Ordinance Amending the Charter of the Town of Holden Beach to Implement Four-Year Staggered Terms for the Members of the Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners

1. Public Comments on Agenda Items

There were no comments

2. Guest Speaker – Dwight Willis (AARP – North Carolina Associate Director – Coastal Region) – Present AARP Age Friendly Communities
(Mayor Pro Tem Fletcher and Commissioner Freer)

Presentation was on the following topics:
Making Communities Livable for All
.     2)
Proponent of Aging in Place – seniors want to stay where they are
.     3)
Establish Network of Age-Friendly Communities

Dwight asked the Board to look at this issue and consider joining the network. There is no cost and no commitments, but they can benchmark what other communities do to provide for their seniors. We are always doing things for tourists, this is something we can do for our residents. He requested that the Board be the first in Brunswick County to join the network.

The AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities: An Introduction
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3. Brunswick County Tourism Development Authority Update – Mitzi York
(Town Manager Hewett)

For every $1 spent they expect to see $233 generated in tourist revenue
n excellent return on investment!

Previously reported –
Tourism has been Brunswick County’s number one industry for decades, but it has only been since 1998 that the county has been actively promoting itself as a tourism destination. Since 1998 Brunswick County has collected occupancy tax from tourist accommodations and used the money to fund the promotion efforts of the Brunswick County Tourism Development Authority (TDA). The TDA oversees strategic advertising, marketing and public relations efforts to target potential visitors and ensure that Brunswick County’s tourism economy remains strong. For years the TDA contracted with the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce for administrative work, but in 2007 the authority hired former chamber president Mitzi York as its full-time executive director. Most of the TDA’s $1 million annual budget goes to placing ads in magazines as well as online marketing. The key, says York, is targeted advertising and promoting to key markets.  “We advertise ourselves as a family-friendly destination — a place to reconnect with family and friends. It’s an old-fashioned beach vacation,” York says.

Update –
Tourism Development Authority (TDA)
.     1.
TDA funded by 1% Occupancy Tax
.       a)
Annual budget of $1,293,996
Objective to get people to visit here
More beach for your blanket
.       d)
113,000 inquiries for Brunswick Islands Guide
Effective Conversion Rate 51.1%
.         •
The average spending per party is $5,225
.       e)
Database makes it easier to reach targeted groups tailored to their interests
Website attracted over 340,708 unique visitors in 2015 up 54% over 2014
.       g)
Public Relations program reached over 79 million people for an editorial value of .           over $2.3 million
.     2.
Economic Impact
.       a)
Over 5,000 jobs in Brunswick County
Visitors spent $509 million in Brunswick County in 2015 up 2.5% over 2014
.       c)
We rank 9th in the State
Visitor spending generates state and local tax revenues of $54.4 million in              .           Brunswick County
Reduces tax burden by $443.14 per person for each county resident

North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands
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4. Fire Department Report – Fire Chief Doug Todd

Tri-Beach Fire Department substation #2 is located at the corner of Starfish and OBW. The fire department staffs the substation with two men for twelve hours daily during peak seasonal demand from Memorial Day to Labor Day, during the daytime for the hundred (100) days of the summer.

Tri-Beach Volunteer Fire Department had 98 calls for so far, this year. They average about 200 calls per year on the island. Their response times in January were around 8 minutes but dropped to around 6 minutes in June when station #2 is manned during the day.

Legislature approves Brunswick County fire fee rate increase
Several Brunswick County fire departments will see six-figure increases in the fire fees they receive after the General Assembly passed N.C. House Bill 445, approving Brunswick County’s plan for a 25-percent increase in fire fees, on Friday. Tri-Beach will receive $1.42 million for the 2018 budget with $275,000 more collected from fire fees.

Brunswick County’s use of fire fees has not covered all the departments’ costs in recent years, which required a $700,000 supplement from the general fund to maintain the current levels of service. That prompted a review of Brunswick County’s fire and rescue services to compare them to the best practices used elsewhere in North Carolina, including proposed alternative funding systems. The county opted for increased fire fees funding as a short-term step while the issue is studied further. The increase in fire fees collected comes at the right time for some of the 21 county fire departments.
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5. Police Report – Chief Wally Layne

Police PatchUnfortunately, in the past month we had two fatalities
* See articles below
First two weeks in July are the busiest weeks of the year
Typical summertime fun at the beach

We are just beginning the hurricane season –
make sure your plans are in order

Fireworks – everything’s copacetic

  • Substantially less than in previous years
  • No one was hurt
  • No fires were started

Ordinance 94.06 all unattended beach equipment must be removed from the beach by its owner or permitted user daily. All unattended personal equipment remaining on the beach between the hours of 6PM and 7AM will be classified as abandoned property and will be disposed of by the Town.

This year the Police Department will be removing any gear left on the beach strand between 10PM and 2AM daily. The midnight raids have yielded the removal of less items this month. Guests are getting the message loud and clear; if they leave gear on the beach strand it will be removed.

Defensive Driving
Be mindful on the road, tourists are out there and frankly many of them are not paying attention. Defensive driving is driving characterized by prudence, diligence and reasonable cautiousness. Its aim is to reduce the risk of collision by anticipating dangerous situations, despite adverse conditions or the actions of others.

Public Safety Announcement
Chief Layne would like to remind everyone that it is important to protect your personal property. Remove all items of value from your vehicle when you are not driving it. Always lock your vehicle doors when you are not in it. Leaving items on display, whether on the dashboard or sitting on a passenger seat, is an invitation to opportunist individuals. Make sure to follow these important tips!

Crime Prevention 101 – Don’t make it easy for them
Don’t leave vehicles unlocked
Don’t leave valuables in your vehicles

A reminder of the Town’s beach strand ordinances:
Chapter 90 / Animals / § 90.20 / Responsibilities of owners
pets are not allowed on the beach strand except between 5p.m. and 9a.m. daily
dog’s must be on a leash at all times
owner’s need to clean up after their animals
Chapter 94 / Beach regulations / § 94.05 / Digging of holes on beach strand
digging holes greater than 12 inches deep without responsible person there
holes shall be filled in prior to leaving
Chapter 94 / Beach regulations / § 94.06 / Placing obstructions on the beach
all unattended beach equipment must be removed daily by 6:00pm

Causeway Sign #2 - CR


The Town has put flashing educational signs back on the Causeway. The sign messages were a huge help last year minimizing the need for Beach Strand Ordinance Enforcement. It has been the most effective communication medium used to date. Intent is to educate people before they get on the beach strand. Brilliant!


Teen dies after falling off third story balcony in Holden Beach
A teen is dead after falling from a third story balcony of a home on Friday. Circumstances of the fall are unknown at this time. According to the release, the patient was found unresponsive and CPR was initiated at the scene. This is the second fatal fall in Holden Beach this year. On Jan. 8 a Surf City man died over the weekend in Holden Beach after falling from a balcony into a Dumpster.
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Body of missing Kentucky swimmer found in Holden Beach
The body of a swimmer who went missing off the coast of Holden Beach Sunday afternoon was found Sunday evening. Holden Beach Police Chief Wally Layne identified the victim as Richard Mullins of Jenkins, Ky. His Facebook page shows he was a father.

According to the United States Coast Guard Fifth District Office, his body was discovered on the beach around 10:40 p.m. Sunday. Layne said the body was found by a passerby on the beach on the east side of the island, not far from where Mullins was last seen. According to a department news release, his body was discovered near Lockwood Folly Inlet.

Holden Beach Police Chief Wally Layne said Sunday his department and other agencies were searching for a missing swimmer in Holden Beach. According to the news release, at 3:30 p.m. Sunday officials received word that four swimmers near Lockwood Folly Inlet were in distress and needed assistance. Three of the four swimmers were safely rescued while Mullins remained missing.

Layne said he believes Mullins may have been caught in a rip current. The release reminds swimmers to use caution and to never swim alone. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, rip currents typically form at breaks in sandbars and near structures like jetties or piers and do not pull swimmers under the water but instead pulls them away from shore out to sea. At times, rip currents have been measured as fast as 8 feet per second. If a person finds themselves in a rip current, they should remain calm and float or tread water. A person should not attempt to fight the current but should swim parallel to shore and once they’re free of the current they should swim at an angle toward the shore away from the rip current.

In addition to the department, Brunswick County Emergency Management, Tri-Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squad, the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, the United States Coast Guard and Oak Island Water Rescue assisted with the search.
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6. Run HB Requests – Coastal Race Productions
(Shoreline Protection and Recreation Manager Ferguson)
Banner Approval

.       b. Beer Garden Request

Agenda Packet – Coastal Race Productions will be conducting Run HB on Saturday, September 9, 2017. The Town of Holden Beach will be a sponsor for the event.  Coastal Race Productions is here this evening to speak to you about both the possibility of a beer garden and to get permission to hang their signs and banners for the event.

Sales and Consumption of alcoholic beverages in the Town of Holden Beach is covered in the Code of Ordinances,130.03. It states Board of Commissioner approval is required as an exception to the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages being prohibited. Coastal Race Productions brought it to the Town’s attention that they are allowed to have a beer garden in neighboring municipal venues where races like this are held.  They would like to offer that to the runners of legal age here as well. The access to the area would be controlled by Coastal Race Productions. They have additional information regarding how the system has worked at other beach communities and why they think it would add to the event.

Run Holden Beach
The fourth annual “Run Holden Beach” event is scheduled on Saturday, September 9th. Coastal Race Productions is planning a 1 mile “turtle trot”, 5k walk / run and a half marathon with these races starting and finishing under the bridge. This will all be followed by live music, games and an after party at the Holden Beach Pavilion. This is the third race in our “2017 Big Ass Medal Series”, complete all four to earn the world’s largest race series medal!  BAM! – You won’t want to miss it!! 

For more information » click here
For more information » click here

Coastal Race Productions had a scheduling conflict so Shoreline Protection & Recreation Programs Manager Christy Ferguson made the presentation. Discussion was over allowing the beer garden. The other three communities that sponsor the race – Oak Island, Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach already gave their blessings.

Banner Request / A decision was made – Approved unanimously
Beer Garden Request / No decision was made – No action taken

My Two Cents - CR IIAre you kidding me? The Board really made a big to do over nothing when they discussed the beer garden request. All we are talking about is each runner that is over 21 years old gets a free beer at the end of the race. Singular, uno, one (1) stinking beer.  They went with the combo platter of we are a family friendly beach and it would set a precedent rap. Apparently, some of them must not go on the beach strand where beer is consumed all day long on our family friendly beach.

7. Discussion and Possible Action on Staggered Terms for the Board of Commissioners – Attorney Freedland
Ordinance 17-10, An Ordinance Amending the Charter of the Town of Holden Beach to Implement Four-Year Staggered Terms for the Members of the Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners
Resolution 17-09, A Resolution Calling a Special Election for the Purpose of Submitting to a Vote an Ordinance Implementing Four-Year Staggered Terms for the Members of the Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners

Agenda Packet –

BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Commissioners of the Town of Holden Beach:

Section 1. Pursuant to G.S.160A-101and 160A-102, the Charter of the Town of Holden Beach, as set forth in the corporate charter for the Town of Holden Beach adopted February 14, 1969, as amended, is hereby further amended to provide that the Commissioners of the Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners shall hereafter be elected for four-year terms on a staggered basis as set for in Section 2 below. The Mayor shall continue to be elected for a two-year term.

Section 2. At the regular municipal election to be held on November 5, 2019, the three commissioner candidates who   receive the   highest number   of votes shall be elected for four-year terms, while the two commissioner candidates who receive the next highest   number   of votes shall be elected for two-year terms.  At the regular municipal election to be held in 2021, and every four years thereafter, two commissioners on the Board of Commissioners shall be elected to serve for four­ year terms. At the regular municipal election to be held in 2023, and every four years thereafter, three commissioners of the Board of Commissioners shall be elected to four-year terms.

Section 3. This ordinance shall be effective only upon approval by a vote of the people. A special election for the purpose of submitting the ordinance to a vote shall be held as provided by the resolution also adopted this day.


WHEREAS, pursuant to G.S.160A-101and 160A-102, the Board of Commissioners of the Town of Holden Beach enacted an ordinance on July 18, 2017 amending the corporate charter for the Town of Holden Beach adopted on February 14,1969, as amended, to implement four-year staggered terms for the commissioners of the Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to G.S. 160A-102, the ordinance provides that it will become effective only if approved by a vote of the people;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE Board of Commissioners of the Town of Holden Beach that:

1.An election   is hereby  called  for   Tuesday, November  7, 2017 for   the purpose  of determining   whether the  commissioners of  the  Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners   shall  be elected  for  four-year terms  on a staggered  basis as follows: At the  regular  municipal  election  to be held  on November 5, 2019, the three commissioner candidates who receive the highest number of votes shall be elected for four­ year  terms,  while  the  two  commissioner candidates  who   receive  the  next  highest number  of votes shall  be elected for two-year terms. At the regular municipal election to be held in 2021, and every four years thereafter, two commissioners of the Board of Commissioners shall be elected to serve for four-year terms.  At the regular municipal election to be held in 2023, and every four years thereafter, three commissioners of the Board of Commissioners shall be elected to four-year terms.

2. Pursuant to G.S. 163-287 the Brunswick County Board of Elections is hereby requested to conduct the election herein described and the Town of Holden Beach Clerk is directed to forthwith deliver a copy of this resolution to said Board of

3. Pursuant to S. 160A-102, the Town of Holden Beach Clerk shall cause to be duly published in accordance with G.S.  163-287 a notice of the election  hereby called.

4. The election shall be held in accordance with Article 23, Chapter 163 of the General Statutes of North

Previously reported –

Staggered Terms – Appointing the members of Boards so that all the members do not change at the same time because their terms expire at different times.

Advantage of Staggered TermsHelp preserve institutional memory by not allowing total rotation of the leadership at one time. Good institutional memory generally improves decision-making and promotes the continuity of good practices and programs.

Reinstitute Staggered TermsHolden Beach and Bolivia are the only Brunswick County town governments that do not have staggered terms. The Board normally would have two (2) options on how they could make change back to staggered terms. We will need to do a referendum for it to be in effect before the November 2017 elections. It will take two election cycles to fully implement. Justification given is to preserve continuity.

Referenduma general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision.

Update –
By unanimous vote, the Board of Commissioners approved the crafting of a resolution that would put the proposed changes to voters as a referendum on the ballot in November of 2017. If the referendum is approved the staggered terms would be implemented after the November of 2019 election. To be clear, only registered voters of Holden Beach would get to vote on the referendum.

A decision was made – Approved unanimously

8. Fiscal Year 2016 – 2017 Budget Update – Town Manager Hewett

Used preliminary and unaudited data for his presentation. That said, the year close out budget report presented a snapshot of where we stood on 30 June which is the end of the fiscal year for us.  He gave a simple explanation of each fund balance. The good news is that all fund balances were in the black.

9. Discussion and Possible Approval of Update to the 2016 – 2017 Audit Contract with Thompson, Price, Scott, Adams and Co, P.A. – Town Manager Hewett

Agenda Packet – Your entity has been selected by the Office of the State Auditor to have an additional attest engagement performed based on your participation in the LGERS retirement system. This engagement is solely to assist the Office of the State Auditor in offering an opinion on the State’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Because the agreed- upon procedures, as indicated   by the Office of the State Auditor, do not constitute an examination, we will not express an opinion the Town of Holden Beach. We estimate that our fees for these services will be $2,500.

The state auditor mandated that forty-eight (48) locations state wide be selected to participate in an audit of the state retirement system. The reason given is that the new state auditor is concerned about the viability of the program. Apparently, the additional audit is on our dime.

A decision was made – Approved unanimously

10. Discussion and Possible Nomination of Members to Fill Vacancies on Town Boards – Town Clerk Finnell
a. Board of Adjustment

      b. Planning & Zoning Board
      c. Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Agenda Packet There are three terms expiring on the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board. Karen Fleischhauer is eligible and wi11ing to serve another term. Peggy Schiavone and Lewis Mitchell have served the maximum terms allowed for the board. Jack Lohman’s term is not expiring, but he has requested that he be moved to the Board of Adjustment if possible.

Nelson Payne, John McIntyre and Olivia Gomez have submitted applications and are interested in serving on the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.

There are three Regular Member and three Alternate Member positions expiring   on the Board of Adjustment. Regular Members Larry Blume and Larry Reinhart are eligible and willing to serve another term. Regular Member MaryLou Lahren has served the maximum terms allowed for the board. Alternate Members Anne Arnold and Ben Baker are eligible and willing to serve another term. Alternate Member Dennis Harrington does not desire to serve another term.

As previously mentioned, Jack Lohman (Parks & Recreation Advisory Board member), has expressed his desire to serve on the Board of Adjustment.

There is one Regular Member and two Alternate Member terms expiring on the Planning & Zoning Board. Regular Member Tiffany Hobbs does not wish to serve another term. Alternate Members Peter Pallas and Greg Shue are eligible and willing to serve another term.

Cheryl Dellinger, Marshall (Woody) Tyner and Ron Jackson   have submitted applications and are interested in serving on the Planning & Zoning Board.

Nelson Payne, John McIntyre, Cheryl Dellinger, Woody Tyner, Ron Jackson and Olivia Gomez have all been invited to the interviews on July 18th at 6:30p.m.

Approved regular members and alternates as follows:

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
Regular – 

Karen Fleischhauer, John McIntyre, Olivia Gomez, Dolly Mitchell, and Nelson Payne
Alternate –

Board of Adjustment
Regular –

Larry Blume,  Larry Reinhart, and Ben Baker
Alternates –
Anne Arnold, Jack Lohman, and Cheryl Dellinger

Planning & Zoning Board
Regular –

Greg Shue
Alternates –
Peter Pallas, and Woody Tyner

A decision was made – Approved unanimously

No regular member shall serve for more than two consecutive terms, and a member having served two consecutive terms shall not be eligible for reappointment until after remaining off the Board for one year.

My Two Cents - CR III’m of the opinion that our Board term limits policy created most of the vacancies. Interestingly we have term limits for all our Boards except the Board of Commissioners.
In what universe does that make sense?

11. Discussion and Possible Action on Amending Title IX, General Regulations, Section 95.05 Street Rights-of-Way – Commissioner Freer

Agenda Packet – Section 95.05 (B) of the Ordinances of the Town related to rights-of-way is hereby amended by adding the follow as clause (4) thereto:

(4) a rope or chain and post barrier used to protect any such mail box, newspaper box, grass or vegetation from damage by vehicles or pedestrians;
provided that such posts are:

(a) not closer than 4 feet from the edge of the pavement or road bed;
(b) not more than 18 inches in height and 4 inches by four inches in dimension;
(c) made of wood or plastic;
(d) set no deeper than 18 inches;
(e) not set in or filled with concrete, stone or similar materials; and
(f) spaced no closer than 6 feet apart.

Ordinance addresses landscaping aspect in street rights-of-way issue
Town Manager blasted the proposal
.     1)
Staff not consulted
.     2)
Conflicts with existing policies and ordinances
Concerns about safety issues
Concerns about maintenance issues
David stated that he really was not liking this ordinance at all. This proposal moves things in the opposite direction of the way that he would want them to go. It was not pretty, not pretty at all. Peter explained that this was an attempt to codify the hodgepodge of existing conditions. Currently we are doing selective enforcement because enforcement is complaint based. Current enforcement policy is neither fair nor consistent and contributes to the mess we’re in now.

No decision was made – No action taken, sent to P&Z

Previously reported –
BOC’S at the Special Meeting on June 23rd approved establishing Advisory Committee

(D) In directing the establishment of a Community Advisory Committee, the BOC shall clearly describe the subject matter, scope and function of the Community Advisory Committee.

Advisory Committee to do the following:
.     1)
Assess current parking resources
Assess town owned properties that could be used for parking
.     3)
Benchmark surrounding communities parking rules & regulations
.     4)
Consider paid parking options
Determine if CAMA or any other regulations impact or limit parking options
.     6)
Review right-of-way parking restriction / limitations
.     7)
Approach from the perspective of public access, while also improving quality of life         and convenience for THB homeowners
Make recommendations

Update –
Attended Advisory Committee meeting on parking
Committee will collect information only
Apparently very few communities allow parking in the right-of-way

My Two Cents - CR II

What a boondoggle! You would think that by now the BOC’s would have figured out the protocols that need to be followed when they want to amend ordinances. Just to be clear, I’m wildly against permitting parking in the right-of-way. But this appears to be a half-baked, back-door attempt to eliminate parking in the right-of-way. I have no idea why this was even being considered. We just established a Community Advisory Committee to work on parking issues. This seems like something that should have been delegated to them to work on.

12. Town Manager’s Report

Referred people to go to the Brunswick County website at www.brunswickcountync.gov/genx. The website contains a FAQ section that they update as they learn additional information (or receive additional questions), links to all their press releases and links to other resources like information from NCDEQ. There is also a link where citizens can go to sign up to receive email updates on the topic.

Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)
I’m afraid that things are going from bad to worse. Originally, we were told the tentative projected effective date would be January 20, 2017. Then we were told the tentative projected effective date would be January 20, 2018. Despite being told the effective date was being moved back by over a year, they have shifted from a specific date to a general one, we are now being told sometime next spring. Bottom-line is that we do not have an official definitive answer as to when they will be approved. So, for those of you asking, we don’t know when they will go into effect now.

Elizabeth Street
They will be putting in a public walkway and are working on parking configuration with a planned fall implementation.

Lockwood Folly Inlet
Side dredger Merritt is on site and is scheduled and funded for twenty-one (21) days

Legislative Note
Approved study to adjust distribution of Powell Bill Funds based on seasonal population like water is being done now

NC Beach Nourishment Fund
Funds have not been approved yet

13. Public Comments on General Items

Mr. H              – LS Holden subdivision / Elizabeth Street
Karen F          – Recycling
Joe B               – Right-of-way landscaping
Mark P           – Run Holden Beach Beer Garden
Ava P              – Heliport / Terms of use of their property

14. Executive Session Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 143-318.11 (A)(5), To Establish or Instruct Staff or Agent Concerning the Negotiation of the Price and Terms of a Contract Concerning the Acquisition of Parcel Numbers 232NF029, 232NF001, 232NF002, 232NF003, 232NF004, 232NF005, 232NF006, 232NF007 and 232NF008, Owned by Holden Beach Enterprises Town Manager Hewett

Property acquisition opportunity – Dune lots adjacent to Town property, east of the Pavilion, bordered by Carolina, Jordan, BAE and Quinton

For more information » click here

No decision was made – No action taken

General Comments –

There were thirty-five (35) members of the community in attendance
Commissioner Kim Isenhour – was not in attendance

Municipal Elections –

Election season for area municipal offices begins with candidate filings. Brunswick County’s election filing period for Brunswick County’s 19 municipalities opened at noon Friday, July 7; election filing will continue through noon Friday, July 21. All of Holden Beach’s elected positions are up for election in November. Election Day this year is Tuesday, November 7th. The filing period for municipal elections has ended. The following candidates have officially filed for Holden Beach municipal elections before the deadline.

Holden Beach Mayor
Alan Holden                          128 OBW                                Holden Beach            (incumbent)

Holden Beach Commissioner
John Fletcher                         148 Yacht Watch                  Holden Beach            (incumbent)
Peter Freer                             198 BAW                                Holden Beach            (incumbent)
Kenneth Kyser                       119 Frigate                            Holden Beach            (incumbent)

Joseph Butler                         169 BAE                                 Holden Beach
Patricia Kwiatkowski          1298 OBW                             Holden Beach
Regina Martin                       1032 OBW                             Holden Beach
Mike Sullivan                        648 OBW                                Holden Beach

Hurricane Season –

Hurricane #1 - CR

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) defines a hurricane as “an intense tropical weather system with a well-defined circulation and maximum sustained winds of 74 mph (64 knots) or higher.”

Be prepared – have a plan!

For assistance with making an emergency plan read more here »
. 1) FEMA Ready
. 2) American Red Cross Disaster and Safety Library
. 3) ReadyNC
. 4) Town Emergency Information
. 5) HBPOIN Hurricane Emergency Plan

Above-normal Atlantic hurricane season is most likely this year
Forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center say the Atlantic could see another above-normal hurricane season this year. For the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through November 30, forecasters predict a 45 percent chance of an above-normal season, a 35 percent chance of a near-normal season, and only a 20 percent chance of a below-normal season.

Forecasters predict a 70 percent likelihood of 11 to 17 named storms (winds of 39 mph or higher), of which 5 to 9 could become hurricanes (winds of 74 mph or higher), including 2 to 4 major hurricanes (Category 3, 4 or 5; winds of 111 mph or higher). An average season produces 12 named storms of which six become hurricanes, including three major hurricanes. These numbers include Tropical Storm Arlene, a rare pre-season storm that formed over the eastern Atlantic in April.

“Regardless of how many storms develop this year, it only takes one to disrupt our lives,” said Acting FEMA Administrator Robert J. Fenton, Jr. “Get ready now with these easy, low-cost steps that will leave you better prepared and will make all the difference: Have a family discussion about what you will do, where you will go and how you will communicate with each other when a storm threatens; Know your evacuation route; tune into your local news or download the FEMA app to get alerts, and finally – listen to local authorities as a storm approaches.”

The 2016 season was the most active since 2012, with 15 named storms, including 7 hurricanes and 4 major hurricanes.

NOAA will update this outlook in early August, just prior to the peak of the season.
Read more » click here

Hurricane Matthew –

Hurricane Matthew Disaster Grant Approval
The NC Department of Public Safety has advised the Town of Holden Beach that a $5.99 million disaster grant has been approved by FEMA for repair of beach strand damages incurred by Hurricane Matthew. We anticipate getting additional reimbursements of $350,000 for other expenses incurred from the storm.

. 1) This is not a lump sum settlement
. 2) We are not getting a check for $5.99 million
. 3) Funds dispersed on a reimbursement basis
. 4) We can’t pay back the bonds early
. 5) Excess funds will go back into the BPART account fund

Central Reach Project –


The Central Reach Project placement of sand and demobilization stage have been completed. The next phase of the project is to meet the dune stabilization requirement which includes sand fencing and vegetation which is currently underway.

For more information, go to the Central Reach Project post

Terminal Groin –

Terminal Groin #6 - CR

Terminal Groin Presentation
For more information
» click here

What’s next?

The next steps include the following:
. 1)
Review Final EIS with USACE – November
. 2) Publish final EIS – December
. 3) Submit CAMA permit for review – December
. 4) Public Hearing – January
. 5) USACE record of decision – February
. 6) Federal and State permit issuance – Spring 2017

My Two Cents - CR II

At the October meeting Dial Cordy, an independent environmental consulting firm that works for USACE, gave a presentation on the status of the proposed Terminal Groin. Dawn York gave a brief overview of the Holden Beach East End Shore Protection Project, reviewed the tasks that were completed to date and outlined timeline of what and when next steps were to be completed. As it stands right now, they have yet to publish the Final Environmental Impact Statement therefore they can’t proceed to the remaining steps. So apparently, everything else scheduled after that has been placed on indefinite hold.

For more information, go to the Terminal Groin post

HBPOIN – Holden Beach Property Owners Information Network
.          • Gather and disseminate information
.          • Identify the issues and determine how they affect you
.          • Act as a watchdog
.          • Grass roots monthly newsletter since 2008