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Calendar of Events –

Run Holden Beach – 2020
The sixth annual “Run Holden Beach” event is scheduled on Saturday, January 18th. Coastal Race Productions is planning a 1 mile “turtle trot”, 5K walk / run and a half marathon with all of these races starting and finishing under the bridge. This will all be followed by live music, games and an after party at the Holden Beach Pavilion.
This annual event includes three races –
Half Marathon         – 7:00 AM
5K                                  – 7:15 AM
1 Mile Turtle Trot    – 8:30 AM
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Discover a wide range of things to do in the Brunswick Islands for an experience that goes beyond the beach.
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Calendar of Events Island –

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot
On Thanksgiving morning, Thursday, November 28th at 8:00 a.m., the Town will sponsor the sixth annual Turkey Trot.  This family friendly run / walk will cover an approximate two-mile course. Registration by calling (910) 842-6488 is required. There is no registration fee, the Town asks that each participant bring canned food items to be distributed at a local food pantry. This is the perfect event for the entire family to jump start the day!

Tree Lighting

Come one, Come all!

The Town will hold its eleventh annual Tree Lighting on Friday, December 6th at 6:00 p.m. at the Holden Beach Pavilion.

The event will begin with entertainment at 5:30 p.m., followed by the lighting at 6:00 p.m. There will be games, refreshments and a visit by a special guest. Prior to the event there will be a Chili Cook-off, to be judged at noon at Town Hall. Winners will be announced at the Tree Lighting. If you are interested in the Chili Cook-off, please call (910) 842-6488 to register by December 2nd.

Sandy Paws Parade and Pictures

Join us on Saturday, December 7th at 10:00 a.m. outside the Town Hall Public Assembly for our fifth annual Sandy Paws Dog Parade. This will be a short walk to the Pavilion where you can have you dog’s picture taken with a special guest. Register by calling (910) 842-6488 by December 3rd.


Holiday Social

Join us on Friday, December 20th at 12 p.m. in the Town Hall Public Assembly for our third annual holiday luncheon. The Town will provide the meat. We ask that participants bring a side dish to share. Register by calling (910) 842-6488 by December 16th.

Parks & Recreation / Programs & Events
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Yard Waste Service
Yard debris pick-up is provided twice a month on the 2ndand 4th Fridays during the months of October, November and December. Yard debris needs to be secured in a biodegradable bag or bundled in a maximum length of five (5) feet and fifty (50) pounds in weight. A total of ten items (bundles of brush/ limbs, bags) will be picked up by Waste Industries. Yard waste must be placed at the street for pick-up. No pick-ups will be made on vacant lots or construction sites.

BOC’s Meeting
The Board of Commissioners’ next Regular Meeting is scheduled on the third Tuesday of the month, December 17th

News from Town of Holden Beach
The town sends out emails of events, news, agendas, notifications and emergency information. If you would like to be added to their mailing list, please go to their web site to complete your subscription to the Holden Beach E-Newsletter.
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Volunteers needed
The Town is always looking for people to volunteer for their various boards and committees. If you are interested in serving, please fill out a resume form and submit it to heather@hbtownhall.com.

Curbside Recycling

Waste Industries is now offering curbside recycling for Town properties that desire to participate in the service. The service cost is $82.48 annually paid in advance to the Town of Holden Beach and consists of a ninety-six (96) gallon cart that is emptied every other week.
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Elevator - CRElevators
Most states mandate that elevator systems be tested and inspected annually. Currently the state of North Carolina does not require annual inspections to be performed on all elevator systems. The use of unsafe and defective lifting devices imposes a substantial probability of serious and preventable injury to your family and guests. It is in the owner’s best interest to minimize injuries and liability by scheduling an annual safety inspection to ensure the safe operation of their elevator system.

Safety Notice –
Waupaca Elevator Company has issued an important safety notice. The potential hazard is associated with normal wear in your elevator. If your elevator develops the problem and it is not repaired, the elevator may drop unexpectedly with you in it and you may be injured. They recommend you contact your elevator service company.

Waupaca Elevator Recalls to Inspect Elevators Due to Injury Hazard
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If you need something to keep you busy in this colder weather, make sure to visit the island library. The library is in the upstairs of Holden Beach Town Hall. All the books were donated. Patrons of the library don’t have to check out a book; they are on the honor system to return it.

Neighborhood Watch –

Need to look out for each other
Call 911 if you see or hear anything suspicious
Fill out Keep Check Request Form if you will be out of town
• Submit completed Property Registration Form
• Pickup copy of Protecting Your Home

Upon Further Review –

HBPOA Online Survey Results – 2019
Twenty-one (21) questions
They got 406 responses
Found it interesting to see what the public feels are the pressing issues
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Corrections & Amplifications –

Previously reported – January 2018
Federal court voids North Carolina’s GOP-drawn congressional map for partisan gerrymandering
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Previously reported – September 2018
NC Congressional Districts Unconstitutionally Gerrymandered
A panel of three federal judges ruled for the second time this year that the state’s congressional map was drawn to so egregiously benefit Republicans that it violates the Constitution.

North Carolina Republicans’ long track record of unconstitutional laws
This week a panel of federal judges ruled that North Carolina Republicans unconstitutionally gerrymandered the state’s congressional districts to disadvantage Democrats, the latest move in a legal saga going back to 2011.

Gerrymandering is the process by which legislators draw voting districts that give their own party a political advantage. The North Carolina map, for instance, allowed Republicans to take 10 out of the state’s 13 House seats in 2016 despite winning 53 percent of the statewide popular vote.
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Previously reported – September 2018
North Carolina court strikes down state legislative map as unconstitutional gerrymander
A North Carolina court on Tuesday struck down the Republican-drawn state legislative map as an illegal partisan gerrymander and gave lawmakers two weeks to enact new district lines for next year’s elections.
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Three North Carolina Judges Step in Where the Supreme Court Refuses
The Supreme Court’s conservatives said gerrymandering was not a matter for courts, leaving the job of protecting democratic self-rule to state judges.
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Previously reported – October 2019
Suit Takes Aim at North Carolina’s Congressional District Lines
Group backed by Eric Holder says 2016 plan violated state Constitution and created a partisan advantage for GOP
North Carolina Democrats, after successfully challenging the makeup of districts in the state Legislature, are now taking aim at the drawing of congressional districts. A new state lawsuit, backed by former Attorney General Eric Holder, claims North Carolina’s 2016 congressional redistricting plan violated the state Constitution and created a partisan advantage for Republicans. Filed Friday, it targets the state’s 13 congressional districts, represented by 10 Republicans and three Democrats in Washington, D.C. The new legal challenge could set the stage for more state lawsuits against partisan gerrymandering months after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled federal judges have no authority to correct the practice. Earlier this month, a three-judge panel in state court struck down North Carolina’s GOP-drawn map of legislative districts, finding the Republican majority improperly gerrymandered state voting lines in 2017. Now, Democrats are shifting their attention to the state lines that determine its representatives in Congress. The lawsuit alleges the current map, drawn in 2016, “may be the most extreme and brazen partisan gerrymander in American history.” “For nearly a decade, the people of North Carolina have been forced to vote on manipulated electoral maps that were drawn by Republicans in the legislature to create a partisan outcome,” Mr. Holder said. “It’s time for this era of gerrymandering in North Carolina to come to an end.” The National Redistricting Foundation, part of Mr. Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee, is behind the lawsuit, which cites voters from the 13 congressional districts as plaintiffs. Law firm Arnold & Porter, one of two firms representing plaintiffs, has been involved in other state gerrymandering challenges, including a case last year in Pennsylvania. Republican state lawmakers, named as defendants along with the State Board of Elections, said they would return a strong delegation to Congress no matter the outcome of the lawsuit. “Conservatives will have no problem returning a powerful group of representatives to the U.S. House under any election lines that Eric Holder’s phony Sue ’til Blue ‘fair maps’ group can obtain, whose tax filing literally states its mission is to ‘favorably position Democrats for the redistricting process,’ ” said Rep. David Lewis and Rep. Destin Hall, the Republicans who co-chair the state House redistricting committee. Following the ruling over state legislative districts in early September, Republicans complied with the creation of a new map. This week, lawmakers asked the North Carolina Superior Court to approve new 2020 election districts drawn from a computer generated map, according to North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore’s office.
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Update –
North Carolina’s congressional map is illegal Republican gerrymander
A North Carolina court on Monday temporarily blocked the state from using its congressional map in next year’s elections and strongly suggested it would eventually rule the districts were illegally gerrymandered to favor Republicans.
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NC judges approve legislative maps,
rule against congressional maps in 2020 elections

North Carolina judges on Monday ruled against the state’s congressional map being used in the 2020 elections, and approved state legislative maps that were redrawn and passed in September. The court rulings came in two cases challenging state legislative and federal congressional maps. In one case, a three-judge panel ruled that new maps drawn in September in state legislative races can be used starting in 2020. In September, the three-judge panel issued a ruling ordering the North Carolina General Assembly to redraw the districts. In a separate ruling, the three-judge panel entered an injunction preventing 2020 Congressional races from using 2016 maps. The order suggests that the date of the 2020 primary election may be moved for the congressional races or even all races on the ballot if necessary. In an opinion from the preliminary injunction, the court referenced recently re-drawn North Carolina General Assembly maps as proof the legislature can draw new maps quickly.
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Democrats vow court fight to block new N.C. congressional map
North Carolina Republicans approved a new congressional map Friday that would cost the party at least two House seats and potentially roil the state’s delegation — but Democrats immediately objected, saying it’s still a GOP gerrymander.
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Odds & Ends

Oak Island inches closer to major sand projects
Oak Island is likely close to receiving permission from environmental regulators for a major sand project this winter, a consulting engineer told Town Council Tuesday. The town is also expected to soon receive standing permission to dredge Lockwood Folly Inlet to its federally authorized depth, said Johnny Martin of the Moffatt & Nichol firm.
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Holden Beach restaurant features authentic Buffalo wings
A newly opened Holden Beach eatery features warming chicken wings and refreshing beverages. If the winter chill has you seeking something to put a fire in your belly, don’t worry. It’s right here. The Hot Buffalo, located at 3446 Holden Beach Road, offers an ample variety of both “piping hot, delicious wings” and “refreshing brew.” The restaurant is owned and operated by brothers Matt and Kevin Shannon who relocated to Supply from Buffalo, N.Y. this summer. The brothers had traveled to Holden Beach for family gatherings for nearly 24 years, “since we were babies.” They enjoyed the Holden Beach ambience enough to invest in their own small business. Their restaurant anchors a new building complex housing a scuba shop and realty office. The response to their tasty offerings has been simply “awesome.”  The restaurant features six televisions for sports fans and eight beers on tap. If business continues to go well, the pair hopes to remain open during the winter. The brothers say they “are learning as they go,” receiving “lots of good feedback and mentoring from their clientele.” Wing aficionados will find sauces ranging from mild to habanero hot.  The menu also includes pizza logs, a Buffalo original consisting of “gooey mozzarella cheese and crispy pepperoni stuffed inside a golden-brown crust.” Fried avocados? Yes, these are available too, in addition to fried pickles and a house-specialty — deep-fried potato chips. For larger and more adventurous groups, the brothers will compile a beach party platter loaded with 100 traditional wings, 50 boneless wings, 12 pizza logs and a choice of mozzarella sticks, French fries or onion rings. The restaurant is open Sunday through Wednesday from 11:30 to 10 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to midnight. For more information, call (910) 846-2525 or visit www.theHotBuffalo.com

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This & That

Contractors Information Seminar

The Planning & Inspections Department, supported by the town staff, hosted the eighth annual Contractors Information Seminar.

Veterans Day
The Town hosted a Veterans Appreciation Luncheon on Friday, November 8th

Honoring All Who Serve or Have Served

Thank you for serving our country!

Public Works have put up snow flake decorations on the boulevard light poles



Municipal Elections –

Congratulations and thanks

to our elected officials for their service to the community.

Election Results

Candidate                            Position                         Term                   Votes

Alan Holden                          Mayor                              Sixth                    241 (unopposed)

Gerald Brown                       Commissioner                Second                 246

Woody Tyner                        Commissioner                First                     230

Brian Murdock                     Commissioner               First                      225

Mike Sullivan                        Commissioner                Second                182

Patricia Kwiatkowski          Commissioner               Second                  168

John Fletcher                        Commissioner                Third                    155

Peter Freer                            Commissioner                Third                    144

Joseph Butler                        Commissioner                Second                 138

Gina Martin                          Commissioner                Second                 127

As approved by a referendum in 2017, the three candidates who receive the highest number of votes will be elected to serve four-year terms and the two candidates receiving the next highest number of votes will be elected to serve two-year terms. Mayor Pro Tem is elected by the Board, not necessarily the person with the most votes.

To see Holden Beach election results through the years, go to –
Town Department / Election Results

Reflections on Elections
Elected officials have significant impact on our daily lives. For democracy to work, people have to vote. Going to the polls on Election Day is one of our core responsibilities in a democratic nation. Voter turnout has been a big problem for decades. Increased voter turnout can dramatically alter election outcomes and resulting public policies. Holden Beach has approximately 746 registered voters, 374 voters participated in this election. So, the voter turnout was 50.1%, which is significantly higher than usual.

This was the most acrimonious election that I can recall. The takeaway here is that voters sent a pretty clear message that they are unhappy with the status quo.

Factoid That May Interest Only Me –

Watch out for deer
NCDOT warns motorists across North Carolina to stay alert for deer now that fall has arrived. Every year during late autumn, auto and body shops across the region brace for a bumper crop of business, comprised of an influx of cars with damage from collisions with deer. Beginning in October, roads across the state become hazardous as North Carolina’s deer population fans out, lurking on highway shoulders in search of food and potential mates. It’s the deadliest time of the year for deer, which also pose a particular danger to motorists. Nearly half of vehicle accidents involving white-tail deer occur from October to December. Deer accidents typically begin rising in October, peak in November and begin dropping off after December, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Deer are crepuscular mammals, meaning they’re most active at dawn and dusk – which, following the onset of daylight savings time, places them near roads and byways precisely when large numbers of residents are commuting to and from work.

AAA Carolinas warns of heavier deer presence on the roads
With more deer active around roads this time of year, AAA Carolinas is urging motorists to take pre-caution to avoid collisions. The mating season of a deer typically runs from mid-October through mid-November. This, coupled with the loss of daylight during most motorists’ commutes, makes October, November and December the worst months of the year for motor vehicle collisions with animals. In North Carolina in 2018, there were 17,895 crashes reported from collisions with an animal (of which, 90 percent are assumed to be deer) – with the months of October-December accounting for 49.5 percent of those crashes, according to the NCDOT. In the most recent data provided by the SCDPS, South Carolina reported 2,460 crashes with animals in 2017. “A collision with a deer can be devastating, endangering the passengers, the vehicle and the deer,” said Tiffany Wright, AAA Carolinas spokesperson. “This fall, we urge motorists to always scan the sides of roads for animals, including deer and to be extra vigilant during this time.” In addition to being a danger, hitting a deer can be quite expensive for motorists. Last year, the average deer-related claim in the Carolinas totaled $2,500 in damages. AAA Carolinas encourages motorists to adhere to the following tips this deer season: Be especially attentive in the early morning and evening hours as many animals (especially deer) are most active from 5 to 8 a.m. and 5 to 8 p.m. – prime commuting times for most drivers. Use high beams when there is no oncoming traffic. Your lights will often reflect off the animal’s eyes and reveal their location. Watch for water on the side of the road as it often attracts deer. If you spot a deer, slow down and watch for other deer to appear, as they rarely travel alone. As you slow down, blast your horn to frighten the animal away from the road. Brake firmly. Do not swerve or leave your lane, as many crashes from deer are a result of hitting other cars. Check with your insurance agent to make sure you have comprehensive coverage that includes animal collision. In the event of a collision with a deer: Avoid making contact with the deer as a frightened or wounded animal can hurt you or further injure itself. Put your vehicle’s hazard lights on whether it is light or dark out. If possible, move the vehicle to a safe location, out of the road, as you wait for help to arrive. For insurance purposes, call your local law enforcement or highway patrol. To report an injured deer in North Carolina, call the NCDNR’s Wildlife Enforcement Division at (800)-662-7137. To report an injured deer in South Carolina, call the SCDNR office at (803) 734-3886 to locate a rehabilitator near you. When in North Carolina, vehicle-deer crashes should be reported to the NC Department of Transportation. When in South Carolina, vehicle-deer crashes should be reported to the SC Department of Transportation.
Beacon Article dated 10/24

Hot Button Issues
Subjects that are important to people and about which they have strong opinions

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Development Fees
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Flood Insurance Program
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FEMA postpones flood insurance rate revamp amid backlash
FEMA is delaying a sweeping overhaul of flood insurance rates by one year, after the planned changes sparked concerns in Congress about premium hikes. The agency said its Risk Rating 2.0 initiative will be implemented on Oct. 1, 2021, rather than Oct. 1, 2020 — a move that takes off the table a potential spike in rates for homeowners in the run-up to next November’s elections. Under the initiative, which FEMA announced in March, the Trump administration is seeking to modernize the system by which the National Flood Insurance Program assesses risks and sets insurance rates for millions of homeowners across the country. The revamp is intended to provide a more accurate picture of perils facing individual properties, meaning it would likely lead to higher flood insurance rates for some homeowners and lower rates for others. The potential for rising flood insurance costs has spurred coastal lawmakers over the last several months to push back on FEMA’s efforts. For them, the delay was a welcome development. “This should have been announced long ago,” Rep. Garret Graves (R-La.) said in an interview. “FEMA has been as clear as mud about what Risk Rating 2.0 actually is.” The delay underscored the struggle in modernizing the program, which is in debt to the Treasury after years of devastating hurricanes. Its approach to assessing risk has largely gone unchanged since the 1970s. “It’s complicated,” said Laura Lightbody, who directs the flood-prepared communities initiative at the Pew Charitable Trusts. “But the purpose of doing it is to make sure that rates better reflect today’s risk. Changing the date I don’t think should be the focus.”

FEMA said it was postponing the changeover because more time was needed for a comprehensive analysis of the proposed rating structure. FEMA’s goal as it conducts further review is “to protect policyholders and minimize any unintentional negative effects of the transition.” The extension, FEMA said, would also allow for all NFIP policies to change over to the new rating system at one time, rather than a phased approach as originally proposed. “Over the course of the next year, FEMA will continue to actively engage with Congress and other key stakeholders to ensure transparency and visibility as we work to transform the NFIP,” the agency said. The problem for many coastal lawmakers ahead of Thursday’s announcement was that FEMA had not conveyed what the potential impacts of Risk Rating 2.0 would be. That concern prompted 64 House members to demand last week that new caps on premium increases be included in a long-term flood insurance program reauthorization bill that is awaiting a vote on the House floor, as well as a delay of Risk Rating 2.0. “Republicans, Democrats, House, Senate, all of us have been pushing FEMA to provide some transparency, to open up the black box, to help us understand what they’re doing and how our reauthorization should take that into consideration,” Graves said. “It has been impossible to do so.” In the House and Senate, members on Thursday signaled they were undeterred in pushing for new affordability protections in upcoming flood insurance reauthorization bills. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said in a statement Thursday that a “strong premium cap” was needed in the flood insurance legislation to protect homeowners. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), who has been leading the charge in the Senate, also viewed the delay as only a temporary fix. He planned to push for a “single-digit cap” on annual rate increases and a strong affordability program, a Menendez aide said. “A one-year delay does not alleviate the concern and likely pain for policyholders during a five-year reauthorization without meaningful caps and affordability built into the NFIP program,” he said.
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Congress extends flood insurance program for 13th time since 2017
Congress granted another short-term extension of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) on Thursday, marking the 13th temporary renewal since June 2017. The NFIP, which provides flood insurance to more than 5 million households, was extended through Dec. 20 as part of a continuing resolution passed by the Senate. The extension gives lawmakers more time to decide which of the multiple bills in Congress they want to reform NFIP and reauthorize the federal program through September 2024.
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National Flood Insurance Program: Reauthorization
Congress must periodically renew the NFIP’s statutory authority to operate. On September 27, 2019, the President signed legislation passed by Congress that extends the National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP’s) authorization to November 21, 2019. Congress must now reauthorize the NFIP by no later than 11:59 pm on December 21, 2019.

FEMA and Congress have never failed to honor the flood insurance contracts in place with NFIP policyholders. Should the NFIP’s authorization lapse, FEMA would still have authority to ensure the payment of valid claims with available funds. However, FEMA would stop selling and renewing policies for millions of properties in communities across the nation. Nationwide, the National Association of Realtors estimates that a lapse might impact approximately 40,000 home sale closings per month.

NFIP reauthorization is an opportunity for Congress to take bold steps to reduce the complexity of the program and strengthen the NFIP’s financial framework so that the program can continue helping individuals and communities take the critical step of securing flood insurance. The level of damage from recent catastrophic storms makes it clear that FEMA needs a holistic plan to ready the Nation for managing the cost of catastrophic flooding under the NFIP.

Flood insurance – whether purchased from the NFIP or through private carriers – is the best way for homeowners, renters, business, and communities to financially protect themselves from losses caused by floods.
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EPA moves forward with plan to address PFAS in drinking water
The EPA is inching forward with their plan to address forever chemicals in our water. The agency announced forward momentum this week on efforts to eventually put a legal limit on how much PFOA and PFOS is allowed in drinking water, give the government authority to investigate spills and make companies pay if the chemicals are discharged into the environment. All of this comes months after the EPA announced a historic plan to regulate the chemicals in February of this year. When the plan was announced last winter, leaders said they expected a “regulatory determination” to come down by the end of the year. On Wednesday, the agency delivered on that promise. PFOA and PFOS are man-made substances often released through industrial manufacturing that do not degrade in the environment. Those chemicals are part of a larger set of chemicals known as PFAS. PFAS have been linked to developmental issues, cancer and problems with the thyroid and liver.
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Homeowners Insurance
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Hurricane Season

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Inlet Hazard Areas
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The Holden Beach Property Owners Association (HBPOA) has been monitoring the proposed changes to the Inlet Hazard Area (IHA) boundaries on the east and west ends of our island.  The proposed IHA will impact more than 200 property owners on the west end of our island by placing new restrictions on what they can build (or rebuild) on their property. 

This is the highest number of structures in any IHA in the state and adding this many properties to an IHA on our island will have a significant impact not just to the impacted property owners, but to our overall tax base as well.  We don’t understand the rationale behind this change, since the west end of Holden Beach has been continuously accreting for decades, as documented in surveys by the Town’s engineer.  The Inlet Hazard Area Method (IHAM) does not take any of this into account.

Ken Richardson reported at the NCBIWA conference that public hearings on the IHA changes will begin next month and comments will be closing at the end of January.  We are trying to notify our impacted property owners so they can provide input, but there is no notice of the hearing on the Division of Coastal Management website, only scientific documents. 

We need your help with informing our property owners.  Given the significance of the changes to the IHA and the short timeframe for input occurring over the holidays, the HBPOA would like to conduct a public hearing or information session to inform our members about this significant potential impact to their property.  Your assistance with conducting this session would be greatly appreciated.

Soon to be Commissioner Brian Murdock sent e-mail, this was the response from Braxton C. Davis, Director – NC Division of Coastal Management / Department of Environmental Quality

I understand your concerns and agree that the timing of the hearing is probably not good for many who are planning to travel for the holidays. I also appreciated the comments made by Tim Evans on behalf of the Town at our meeting this week. Our December hearing has already been advertised in the newspaper, so we will need to move forward with it, but we are absolutely willing to come back in January to hold a “workshop” so that we can try and clarify the overall process and background on the proposed changes, and to make sure we get additional public comments to take back to the Commission at their meeting in February. We will also begin a 60-day public comment period on Dec. 2 (ending late January) – it will be announced in the NC Register, and written comments can be sent to me at the office address below or via email.


Lockwood Folly Inlet
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Trump Admin. Makes It Easier to Dredge Protected Areas to Restore Beaches
The Trump administration changed a 25-year-old policy to make it easier for coastal communities to take sand from protected ecosystems to improve their beaches. The shift makes it cheaper for some of the wealthiest communities in the country to replenish their beachfronts, which are increasingly under threat from more frequent and intense storms, rising seas and other effects of climate change. Critics say that comes at the expense of vulnerable coastal ecosystems. “Undeveloped coastal islands and beaches will now be opened up to sand mining that will imperil birds and other wildlife, destroy important habitat and reduce the protections these places provide against impacts of storms and erosion,” said Karen Hyun, vice president for coastal conservation at the National Audubon Society, in a statement. In 1982, Congress established the Coastal Barrier Resources System, which protects 1.4 million acres of land around the country from development. The Interior Department has long said that the law prohibited using federal money to remove sand from those zones to replenish beaches elsewhere.
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Seismic Testing / Offshore Drilling
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Solid Waste Program

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Things I Think I Think –

Dining #2Eating out is one of the great little joys of life.

Restaurant Review:
Dinner Club visits a new restaurant once a month. Ratings reflect the reviewer’s reaction to food, ambience and service, with price taken into consideration.
///// June 2019
Name:            Port City Chop House
Cuisine:         Steakhouse
Location:      1981 Eastwood Road, Wilmington NC
Contact:        910.256.4955 / https://chophousesofnc.com/
Food:              Average / Very Good / Excellent / Exceptional
Service:         Efficient / Proficient / Professional / Expert
Ambience:    Drab / Plain / Distinct / Elegant
Cost:               Inexpensive <=$18 / Moderate <=$24 / Expensive <=$30 / Exorbitant <=$40
Rating:          Two Stars
Port City Chop House is a high-end steakhouse and a franchisee of a successful restaurant chain. They primarily serve steaks at an exorbitant price to people willing to pay it. I don’t object to that if I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Unfortunately, that was not the case. If you’re looking for a great steak in a high-end steakhouse, I’d recommend Ruth’s Chris a
s a much better choice.

Book Review:
Read several books from The New York Times best sellers fiction list monthly
Selection represents this month’s pick of the litter
KNIFE by Jo Nesbo
This is the twelfth entry in the bestselling crime novel series featuring Harry Hole a damaged alcoholic Norwegian detective. The troubled rogue police officer is back to solve the murder of Rakel the only woman he has ever loved. Harry’s colleagues want him to stay out of investigating the case, first because he’s the victim’s husband, then because they can’t rule him out as her killer. A series of painstaking investigations identifies first one plausible suspect, then another. The plot contains several twists and turns that play out brilliantly in this whodunit with plenty of very convincing red herrings that ends in a shocking climax.

.That’s it for this newsletter

See you next month

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.                • Identify the issues and determine how they affect you

.                • Act as a watchdog
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