Solid Waste Program

Solid Waste Timeline

Previously reported – August 2017
Town Manager Hewett took the position that we shouldn’t jump to a solution before we completely understand the problem. Hewett wants them to view all the issues together and feels we shouldn’t address these issues in a piecemeal approach. Staff has already identified seventy (70) elements that need to be considered. He also would like to meet with the various stakeholders. That said, he should be able to get back to the Board in November with a suite of options, from soup to nuts.

Previously reported – January 2018
Solid Waste functional review focus group plus the town staff have completed the data collection. David plans to make a full-blown report at the February meeting.

Previously reported – February 2018
The Town’s total budget for solid waste services is approximately $210,000. Town Manager Hewett assembled a stakeholder group (Solid Waste Working Group – SWWG) that reviewed the entire solid waste suite of services.

Solid Waste Report

Conclusions, Options & Recommendations
The Board will need to decide how they want to proceed. Next step is to determine what services they want to provide. Board asked Town staff to formalize compliance protocols for garbage pail requirements at rental properties.

Previously reported – August 2018
Needed: A waste disposal program that encompasses both perishable waste and recyclables, and a solution to the unsightly roadside full and empty bins that linger after scheduled collection, particularly on Saturdays during season. The Board agreed to update the Town’s Code of Ordinances, Section 50: Solid Waste.

Previously reported – October 2018
First Draft of Town of Holden Beach Code of Ordinances, Chapter 50: Solid Waste
. 1) Approved a weekly recycling program during the summer rental season
. 2) Changed current Curbside Recycling fee

Previously reported – November 2018
Commissioner Kwiatkowski worked with both the town staff and the town attorney to put together a final draft version of the amended Ordinance. They attempted to be clear, concise, and have an enforceable ordinance. Final version will be presented at the next meeting. If adopted, enforcement will begin on May of 2019. The Board agreed to have a Solid Waste Workshop before the next BOC’s Regular Meeting in December. The Board is asking that all stakeholders actively participate in the process by reviewing the information and giving them constructive input.

Previously reported – December 2018


Special Meeting –
The proposed changes attempt to address some of these issues. It will have significant repercussions for many property owners. The goal is to service the most people in the best way possible. It was not the intent of the Board to create a revenue stream from fines but rather to address these issues. The good news is the Board received a significant amount of correspondence and feedback. Unfortunately, none of the rental / property management companies participated in the process. Education is the initial phase, attempting to modify behavior, where they will strive to improve compliance. Letters will be sent to property owners for noncompliance issues. Second round of letters will be a warning that fines will eventually be imposed, the penalties will not be enforced until May of 2019. Thereafter the formal process begins, and fines will be initiated. Well this was supposed to be the final version of the proposed amended ordinance; but apparently, it is still a work in progress. The actual vote to adopt Ordinance will take place at the Regular Meeting tonight.

Regular Meeting –
Additional changes were made tonight as follows:
. 1)
Added language giving property owner some flexibility
. 2)
Changed language that decriminalized noncompliance

Commissioner Kwiatkowski worked with both the town staff and the town attorney to put together a final draft version of the amended Ordinance. There were lots of variables to be considered and they tried to address all the issues and concerns that were identified. Kudos to Pat for taking the bull by the horns, at times it seemed like she was herding cats, but due to her perseverance she managed to drag this Ordinance across the finish line.

In order to be familiar with all of the changes that were made I strongly recommend that you read Ordinance 18-16. Any changes are bound to have ramifications; therefore, you need to know what that means to you. I encourage you to go to the Town website to see the final version that they adopted.

Previously reported – January 2019
Removal of Existing Waste Bin Corrals that Were Built Forward of Houses
Commissioner Kwiatkowski position is that the waste bin corrals no longer serve a purpose. Current ordinance requires them to be either next to non-elevated or underneath elevated houses. Waste Industries has not, for some time now, been rolling pails to curb from corrals. In addition, the Town recently approved whole island rollback of pails to house starting sometime this year. The Board is encouraging owners to remove the corrals or relocate them nearer to the house. They would like to see them taken out of the right-of-way and put further away from the street. Although they are not mandating this now, they may have to in order to get the desired action.

Defining the Waste Ordinance Enforcement Policy
Discussion was about how to combine education with enforcement and how do we effectively communicate the rule change to the public. Pat plans to meet with Town staff and put something together for the next BOC’s meeting. David reminded the Board that they need to keep in mind that there is a cost associated with the enforcement phase. At least three (3) of the Board members want to hold off issuing any civil fines until we are able to offer a fee-based rollout service.