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Election Results

Holden Beach Election Results

Through the Years …

Candidate                             Position                    Term                Votes
Alan Holden                           Mayor                        Seventh             71        (unopposed)

Page Dyer                               Commissioner          First                   77        (unopposed)
Rick Smith                              Commissioner          First                   63        (unopposed)
Patricia Kwiatkowski           Commissioner          Third                 60        (unopposed)

                           Position                   Term                Votes
Alan Holden                          Mayor                       Sixth                  241      

Gerald Brown                       Commissioner         Second              246
Woody Tyner                        Commissioner         First                  230
Brian Murdock                     Commissioner         First                  225
Mike Sullivan                        Commissioner         Second              182
Patricia Kwiatkowski          Commissioner         Second              168

                            Position                     Term                 Votes
Alan Holden                          Mayor                          Fifth                  201       (unopposed)

Mike Sullivan                        Commissioner            First                  228
Patricia Kwiatkowski          Commissioner            First                  177
Joseph Butler                         Commissioner           First                   168
John Fletcher                         Commissioner           Second               168
Peter Freer                             Commissioner           Second               168

Candidate                             Position                     Term                 Votes
Alan Holden                           Mayor                          Fifth                  233      (unopposed)

Ashley Royal                          Commissioner            First                  236
Peter Freer                             C
ommissioner            First                  228
Kim Isenhour                        
Commissioner           First                   225
John Fletcher                         C
ommissioner            First                  213
Ken Keyser                             Commissioner            Fourth              133

Candidate                             Position                    Term                 Votes
Alan Holden                           Mayor                         Fourth              118      (unopposed)

Ken Keyser                             Commissioner            Third                96
Sandy Miller                          Commissioner            Seventh            91

Sheila Young                          Commissioner            Third                88
Dennis Harrington               Commissioner            Second              86
Regina Gobble Martin          Commissioner            First                  77

Candidate                            Position                       Term               Votes
Alan Holden                          Mayor                           Third                206      (unopposed)

Sheila Young                          Commissioner            Second              182
Don Glander                          Commissioner            Third                 181
Dennis Harrington               Commissioner            First                  168     
Sandy Miller                          Commissioner            Sixth                 154
Ray Lehr                                 Commissioner            Third                145

Candidate                            Position                       Term               Votes
Alan Holden                          Mayor                           Second             233      (unopposed)

Don Glander                          Commissioner             Second             210
Ray Lehr                                 Commissioner             Second             208
Ken Keyser                             Commissioner             Second             201
Sandy Miller                          Commissioner             Fifth                 194
Sheila Young                          Commissioner             First                 183

Candidate                            Position                      Term                Votes
Alan Holden                          Mayor                           First                 312

Sandy Miller                          Commissioner             Fourth             307
Ray Lehr                                Commissioner              First                305
Don Glander                         Commissioner              First                301
Ken Keyser                            Commissioner              First                263
Gary Staley                           Commissioner              Third               231