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BOC’s Special Meeting 07/19/22

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1. Interviews for Vacancies on Town Boards

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BOC’s Regular Meeting 07/19/22

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1. Discussion and Possible Action on National Park & Recreation Month Proclamation – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson

Agenda Packet – pages 21 – 22

Through efforts by the National Recreation and Park Association, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an official resolution for Park and Recreation Month in 2009 and introduced the resolution in 2017 and 2018. This year’s theme, We Rise Up for Parks and Recreation, underscores the importance of communities rallying around parks and recreation and the benefits that abound secondary to participation. Communities are encouraged to initiate their own proclamations (attachment l ). The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Parks and Recreation Department have much to look forward to this year in terms of growth and change in facilities. The recently completed Parks and Recreation Master Plan indicates a path we should follow based on citizen feedback. The board has prepared a list of activities to assist our community in celebrating the month. We look forward to this proclamation serving as the catalyst to propel the community in these vitally important endeavors .

Suggested Motion: Motion to adopt the attached proclamation for National Park and Recreation Month and to initiate sharing on our web presences and on social media outlets.

We Rise Up for Parks and Recreation
At NRPA, We Rise Up for Parks and Recreation and all the professionals who build strong, vibrant and resilient communities through the power of parks and recreation. This July, we are bringing attention to how important it is to rise up and support our field, because every day, park and recreation professionals rise up for their communities in service of equity, climate-readiness, and overall health and well-being.
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Update –
Parks and Recreation is vitally important to establishing and maintaining the quality of life in our communities, ensuring the health of all citizens, and contributing to the economic and environmental well-being of our community. The Board adopted the proclamation.

A decision was made – Approved unanimously

2. Discussion and Possible Action on Ordinance 22-18, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 21-13, The Revenues and Appropriations Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2021 – 2022 (Amendment No. 19) – Town Manager Hewett

Item was added to the agenda

Update –
Housekeeping item to recognize development fees revenue in order to comply with Fiscal Control Act

Moved funds of $141,210
A decision was made – Approved unanimously

3. Discussion and Possible Setting of Public Hearing for NC Public Beach and Coastal Waterfront Access Grant Application – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson

Agenda Packet – pages 23 – 25

Based on the BOC’s direction to pursue grant opportunities to assist with the development of the pier properties, the staff submitted a pre-application to the Division of Coastal Management for the development of the 50-foot lot for beach access to include a Hatteras ramp and walkway for a total project cost of $63,535.00. The agency approved the pre-application, and the town has been asked to complete a final application that will come before the BOC in August. As part of the application, a public meeting or hearing is required, and the staff determined that a public hearing would demonstrate the town taking the most formal approach to submission requirements. If awarded the grant, the BOC would still have to choose to accept or decline funds.

Suggested Motion: Set the public hearing for 5:00 p.m. on August  16th  prior  to  the start of the  regular  board meeting and ask the town clerk to advertise accordingly.

For more information » click here

Update –
Our preliminary request for funding of the Pier Access Improvements Public Beach Access by the Public Beach and Coastal Waterfront Access Grant Program has been reviewed by the Division of Coastal Management (DCM) and we are invited to submit a final application for further consideration in the 2022-23 grant cycle. As part of the application a Public Hearing is required, they scheduled it prior to the next BOC’s meeting.

A decision was made – Approved unanimously

4. Police Report – Chief Jeremy Dixon

Police Patch
First two weeks in July are the busiest weeks of the year

Fairly uneventful, typical summertime fun at the beach


The police department currently has only eight (8) officers of the ten (10) they are budgeted to have. Otto handling the majority of parking issues.

Golf carts is being addressed as a priority in order to keep people safe. All rules that apply to motor vehicles apply to golf carts. 

Originally reported that they will implement the no left turn coming off the bridge on Saturdays from 9am to 3pm. Have not had the need to close the left turn lane on the bridge, traffic never backed up there. Watching the situation and if the need arises they will implement no left turn coming off the bridge again.

Reminded everyone its Hurricane Season be prepared, have a plan!

Message from Chief Dixon (Holden Beach Newsletter 06/01/22)
After seeing an increase in Low-Speed Vehicles (LSV) operated over the Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that LSVs are registered vehicles consistent with NC General Statutes. As such, the operation of LSVs requires a valid driver license and the use of seatbelts and child restraints.

Memorial Day Message from Chief Dixonabridged version
Ensure all occupants of your vehicle are belted, to include properly installed child restraints. Remember that pedestrians have the right-of-way at all intersections, driveways and marked crosswalks. Pedestrians are reminded to check both directions and make sure that motor vehicles have come to a complete stop before proceeding into the roadway. Remember that “golf carts” operated on the roadways in Holden Beach are registered low speed motor vehicles. You must have tags, insurance, and a driver’s license to operate a “golf cart” anywhere within the town limits of Holden Beach. All motor vehicle laws including but not limited to seat belts, child restraints, driving while impaired and parking violations apply to “golf carts”. This increased traffic enforcement is designed to increase safety and save lives. Your safety is our priority.

Defensive Driving
Be mindful on the road, tourists are out there and frankly many of them are not paying attention. Defensive driving is driving characterized by prudence, diligence, and reasonable cautiousness. Its aim is to reduce the risk of collision by anticipating dangerous situations, despite adverse conditions or the actions of others.

Golf carts are treated the same as any other automotive vehicle.

In the State of North Carolina, if a golf cart is to be operated on the streets, highways, or public vehicular areas, it is considered a motor vehicle and subject to all laws, rules and regulations that govern motor vehicles. In short, the golf cart must have all of the following:The driver MUST have a current, valid Driver’s License

        • Child Restraint Laws must be followed
        • Headlights
        • Tail lights
        • Turn signals
        • Rear view mirrors
        • State Inspection Sticker
        • License Plate Issued by NCDMV
        • Liability Insurance

All of the streets in the Town (including the side streets) are considered streets or public vehicular areas according to the State Law. This means that to operate a golf cart anywhere on the island, you must meet the standards above.

Crime Prevention 101 – Don’t make it easy for them
Don’t leave vehicles unlocked
Don’t leave valuables in your vehicles

Public Safety Announcement
The Police Department would like to remind everyone that it is important to protect your personal property. Remove all items of value from your vehicle when you are not driving it. Always lock your vehicle doors when you are not in it. Leaving items on display, whether on the dashboard or sitting on a passenger seat, is an invitation to opportunist individuals. Make sure to follow these important tips!

A reminder of the Town’s beach strand ordinances:
Chapter 90 / Animals / § 90.20 / Responsibilities of owners
pets are not allowed on the beach strand except between 5p.m. and 9a.m. daily
dog’s must be on a leash at all times
owner’s need to clean up after their animals
Chapter 94 / Beach regulations / § 94.05 / Digging of holes on beach strand
digging holes greater than 12 inches deep without responsible person there
holes shall be filled in prior to leaving
Chapter 94 / Beach regulations / § 94.06 / Placing obstructions on the beach strand
all unattended beach equipment must be removed daily by 6:00pm

Pets on the beach strand
Pets – Chapter 90 / Animals / §90.20
Pets must be on a leash at all times on the island.
From May 20th through September 10th
It is unlawful to have any pet on the beach strand
. * During the hours of 9:00am through 5:00pm

Unattended Gear
Ordinance §94.06 was passed on September 14, 2010. All unattended beach equipment must be removed from the beach by its owner or permitted user daily. All unattended personal equipment remaining on the beach between the hours of 6PM and 7AM will be classified as abandoned property and will be disposed of by the Town.

Golf Carts
Golf carts are treated the same as other automotive vehicles. Town ordinances state no parking anytime on OBW. Therefore golf carts are illegally parked when left by any beach access points.

(1) All vehicles must be as far off the public street rights-of-way as possible; and
(2) No vehicle may be left parked on any portion of any roadway; and
(3) No vehicle may be parked on portion of the sidewalk. … 

5. Discussion and Possible Action on Golf Cart Violation Reporting Tasker – Mayor Pro Tem Smith and Commissioner Kwiatkowski

Agenda Packet – page 30

Request for Golf Cart Infraction Details

Issue and Action Requested:

Golf cart parking and moving vehicle violations have become highly visible with the increasing number of golf carts being used by renters and property owners. In order to judge whether the Town’s increased communication and police department efforts are improving golf cart “safety” and compliance, the Board needs to see golf cart infraction details.

Background and Potential Implications:
Golf cart safety has become a major concern of many of our residents-we see frequent cases of underage drivers, unsafe driving, seat belts not used, babies in laps, and illegal parking. One of the justifications for increasing the THB police force last year was to be able to better enforce traffic and parking rules, with golf carts acknowledged as a particular problem. It is hoped that police warnings and, when necessary, ticketing early in the rental week leads to reduced infractions as the week progresses.

Without detailed golf cart infraction data neither the BOC or Town Staff can judge whether ongoing Town communication efforts and Police Department focused activities are reducing unsafe practices and illegal parking of golf carts. The BOC needs a report specific to golf carts that provides for all warnings and tickets. Below is a suggested list of information that would help Town Staff, the Board and our residents measure improvements and determine whether changes in education and/or enforcement activities would be appropriate.

Violation description:

    • Parking
    • Underage driver
    • Seat belt infraction
    • Child seat infraction Unsafe driving
    • Unlicensed vehicle

Warning or ticket
Date and day of week

Time of day
Location on island

A summary of findings would be presented at our monthly BOCM’s , suggested to start in August.

This time I would like to request we task the Town Manager with making sure we get this information every month with the Police report until the BOC can determine if we need to make changes or add an ordinance to protect our citizens and visitors.

Previously reported – June 2021
Discussion and Possible Action on Golf Cart Violation Reporting Tasker – Commissioners Kwiatkowski and Smith

Request for Golf Cart Infraction Details

Golf carts are supposed to be treated the same as any other automotive vehicle. Despite the educational signs and the police chiefs commitment of stepped-up enforcement I have not noticed any noticeable change in behavior. Have you? The police department say that golf carts are being addressed as a priority in order to keep people safe. Golf cart issues still appear to be out of control. Underage drivers that clearly don’t have a driver’s license, children not properly restrained, seat belts not being used, carts parked illegally  in the rights-of-way on OBW, are all safety issues that could have serious consequences.  Just to be clear, even though  we still see violations does not necessarily mean the police department has not  followed through on their commitment of stepped-up enforcement. Letting us know what they have been doing to get this issue under control would be helpful. Therefore, my recommendation is for Jeremy to include the number of warnings and tickets issued for golf cart violations in the meetings  police report.

Previously reported – July 2021
Pat & Rick are asking for violation reporting from the Police Department. They are requesting details specific to golf carts to help determine what kind of impact that our stepped-up enforcement is having. The police department currently do not data track by type of vehicle. Jeremy stated he did not like the request, nor does he have the staff to comply with the request.  The police department will continue to enforce the ordinances, but this request is not going to solve anything.

Update –
All rules that apply to motor vehicles apply to golf carts. Despite assurances that golf carts are being addressed as a priority in order to keep people safe, we have not seen any noticeable change in behavior, there still are a significant number of golf carts in violation of vehicle regulations. This is the same tasker from June of 2021. This is a safety issue and more needs to be done. They questioned whether enforcement is the issue. What we are doing is not working, they are trying to be proactive before anything bad happens. They just want to utilize measurement metrics to see if what we are doing is getting the desired effect. Jeremy objected to the Board giving them direction as to what laws to enforce, they enforce all laws on all vehicles and they can’t legally target specific vehicles. It was a convoluted response; all the Board is asking is for them to report what is being done to address the issue. The Board asked him to figure out how to make this happen and Jeremy reluctantly agreed that he will figure out how to capture the data.

6. Discussion and Possible Action on Speed Limit on Ocean Boulevard – Commissioner Dyer

Agenda Packet – pages 31 – 32

The main concern I have is for safety and to try and get crosswalks distinguished after paving. With the increase in permanent residents and addition of two bike lanes, I feel like a speed limit of 45 MPH is not safe. With the higher speed and more distracted drivers, I am concerned that there will be an incident. For example, a child will dart out and drivers can’t react in time at that speed. The increased population is year-round, not just in the summer.

Previously reported – January 2020
Proposal is to reduce speed limit on OBW to 35 miles per hour year-round

Police Chief Dixon had four (4) talking points

      1. Accident death rate goes from 45% to 85% when speed is increased by 10mph
      2. Stopping distance increases by 79 feet when speed is increased by 10mph
      3. Time difference from general store to west end gate is just over 1 minute with change
      4. Lower speed limit allows golf carts and installation of crosswalks

Timbo said that the town currently has identified four (4) authorized areas that meet the established criteria for crosswalks if we maintain the lower speed limit year-round. Jeremy was a little sheepish when asked if we had any issues with the higher speed limit because the answer was, we have not. That said, the four talking points are fairly persuasive. It was just the first round of discussion and the Board agreed they need to get more community input. Interestingly the HBPOA 2019 survey question on this had a very strong response of almost 80% for keeping the 45mph speed limit in the off season.

Previously reported – February 2021

Agenda Packet –
Over the last several months the Board of Commissioners has considered the option of amending the seasonal speed limit change on Ocean Blvd West from Greensboro St to its western terminus. This change would mean the speed limit on SR1116 (Ocean Blvd West) from a point 1.76 miles west from NC130 (Greensboro Street) to a point 5.01 miles west of NC130 (western terminus) would remain 35 MPH year-round instead of increasing to 45 MPH from October 1 to March  31 as stated in current ordinance. This detailed report is a collection of data from numerous sources to assist the Board of Commissioners in reach an educated and well-informed decision.

Section I – Minutes from January, February, July, and September BOC meetings . These minutes summarize the discussions had pertaining to this topic.

Section 2 – During the January 2020 BOC meeting, Chief Dixon made a detailed presentation with statistical data on vehicle speeds, travel times and braking distances. An 18-page report of Chief Dixon’s presentation is included herein for you review .

Section 3 – NC General Statute 20- 141 Speed Restrictions. Subsections (B)(1) and (F) are most applicable to this conversation . In summary, speed limits within municipal corporate limits are not to exceed 35 MPH, unless supported by an engineering and traffic  investigation  (4 pages  included). Upon researching this topic, no such study was found on record by the Town of Holden Beach or the NC Department of Transportation. Based upon this information, a study was recently completed by the Department of Transportation. This 17-page report and its conclusion is included herein for you review.

This is regarding your request for a speed limit evaluation on SR 1116 (Ocean Blvd .) in Holden Beach, Brunswick County. We share your concern for highway safety and appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention.

The Department has completed an engineering investigation to determine if the technical warrants are met to recommend changing the speed l imit. A speed study was conducted that includes evaluating the 85th percentile speed, road characteristics, existing conditions, and surrounding environment. The 85th percentile speed is the speed at or below which 85 percent of the sampled vehicles travel. Typically, the 85th percentile speed is used to determine the speed limit. This helps to avoid posting speed limits that are artificially low, which can become difficult to enforce. The 85th percentile speeds om SR 1116 (Ocean Blvd.) were 40mph, 50mph, 50mph, and 45mph in four different locations with the seasonal 45mph (off-seasonal) zone, and 43mph within the 35mph zone.

Based on the findings, these roads are posted appropriately for the data we collected (for Off-Peak Season Traffic). I have included the raw data for this study for your review. A pamphlet is included on speed limits  produced by the NC Department of Transportation, which explains how speed limits are determined throughout the state.

Jeremy briefly explained that the  traffic and engineering investigation has been completed. NCDOT said that they support the current posted speed limits, and we can leave the ordinance as it is written. The Board discussed this and were unable to settle on whether they want to change it or not. It will be put on next month’s meeting agenda for discussion and to decide whether to leave the ordinance as it is or reduce speed limit on OBW to 35 miles per hour year-round.

Previously reported – March 2021
Mike stated that this issue has been on our radar for over a year, and they need to bring it to a close. The motion he made was to leave the ordinance as it is written. There was a brief discussion about crosswalks and golf carts affecting their decision process. They decided to leave things as they are.

Update –
Once again they are proposing lowering the speed limit on Ocean Boulevard to 35 miles per hour year-round. In 2019 the HBPOA survey had a very strong response of almost 80% for keeping the 45mph speed limit in the off season. A little over a year ago the NCDOT said that they support the current posted speed limits, and we can leave the ordinance as it is written. Police Chief acknowledged that we have not had any issues with the higher speed limit. Yet here we are.  Their default position is that Public Safety is what’s most important and the driving force for the change. They are not actually changing ordinance at this meeting; they will have to bring back ordinance to implement the change.

A decision was made – Approved (3-1)
Commissioner Smith opposed the motion

As far as I’m concerned they gave some cockamamie reasons to justify their action, totally disregarding all the previous times the issue was raised and it was determined that a speed limit change was not necessary. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what the posted speed limit is, this is an enforcement issue, plain and simple.

7. Inspections Department Report – Inspections Director Evans

Agenda Packet – pages 33 – 37

Previously reported – June 2022
Timbo prepared a slide presentation. They are dedicated to keeping families and visitors safe, by enforcing the applied rules and regulations applicable to development and construction within the town corporate limits. Building on the island has picked up exponentially and he made it clear that they have been very, very, busy. The department has the inability to cut corners, they can’t reduce process and carry out their core responsibilities.

Apparently Timbo took umbrage to the criticism of the department at the last meeting and prepared this report in response. We get it, there is a lot going on.

Update –
Bottomline, a lot of building is going on. They have a new inspector in training, so we now have two people out there. The department is down an  administrative person which will affect turnaround time. They are trying to do the best they can. Don’t really see the need for a monthly update, I’d think his time is better spent elsewhere.

8. Discussion and Possible Action on Ordinance 22-17, An Ordinance Amending Town of Holden Beach Code of Ordinances, Chapter 112: Peddlers – Inspections Director Evans
Fee Schedule Revision

Agenda Packet – pages 38 – 42

Ordinance 22-17 was prepared for consideration and possible approval by the Board of Commissioners, Staff prepared the draft ordinance as directed by the Board at its last scheduled meeting. The dates of operation and times were excluded and can be entered if the Board so approves the amended section.

Ordinance is so designed to allow only those merchants with established businesses to conduct such business remotely on the strand with specific guidelines, locations and dates by permit only.

Previously reported –
Sunset Slush has been operating on Holden Beach since 2010. Customers continually ask them why they do not have pushcarts on the beach strand. They currently have pushcarts on other islands in the surrounding communities. They are requesting permission to operate pushcarts on our beach strand too. They asked the Commissioners to consider what is best for the tourists who stay here and support us.

A motion was made but it was not seconded. Therefore, there was no discussion by the Commissioners either for or against having pushcarts on the beach strand. Peddling is prohibited and I suppose they didn’t want to open a can of worms.

Previously reported – February, 2017
Guest Speaker: Sellers Family – Owners of Sunset Slush – Sell Italian Ice on the Beach Strand (Mayor Pro Tem Fletcher and Commissioner Freer)
This is the eighth season that they have a brick-and-mortar presence on the island. They currently have pushcarts on other islands in the surrounding communities. We are one of only four beaches that do not allow peddling. Their position is that they are speaking for the tourists; we should do what is best for the tourists who stay here and support us. They are only on the beach strand for a few hours a day, they pick-up debris as they go, and they agreed to approval on a one-year trial basis.

This would be at least the fourth attempt they’ve made requesting permission to operate pushcarts on our beach strand. Most people that spoke each time that they have asked were opposed to the proposal. Many property owners chose to be here because the island is not commercialized.

The discussion felt like it went on forever. Thankfully, Commissioner Kyser called for a point of order. The agenda item was for a presentation only, so it was not appropriate for them to discuss, it should have been limited to just their presentation. Currently our ordinances outright prohibit peddling. The next step would be for the Town staff in conjunction with our lawyer to work on a regulation.
No decision was made – No action taken

Public Comments on Agenda Items
Several people spoke against the Sunset Slush proposal to peddle ices on the beach strand at this meeting and at previous meetings when the subject was brought up. Mark Fleischhauer read a letter written by his wife Karen in 2008 at the time of the original request. This is the abridged version of the letter which pretty much sums up the thoughts of those opposed to the idea.

I do not want to see any commercial business on the beach. What concerns me most is allowing commercial businesses of any sort to spoil the natural beauty and calm of our family beach. People choose Holden Beach because it is a place that has remained the same throughout the years. Vacationers as well as residents continue to bring their children and grandchildren here so they can enjoy the same simple pleasure of going to the beach that they enjoyed as a child. I beg you to please don’t commercialize our wonderful island. Please don’t open Pandora’s Box. How will you vote if approached by others who may want to sell hot dogs, hemp bracelets and shell art or services such as Caribbean style beaded hair braiding. I’ve heard mention of all these opportunities. Don’t jeopardize the fact that we our rated in the elite top ten of family beaches. We got there for what we already have, natural beauty and that is priceless. We can’t improve on perfect.

I for one do not want to see peddlers on the beach strand.
The question that needs to be asked is:
What does the community want the island to be?

Previously reported – June 2022
Discussion and Possible Action on Request by Sunset Slush Classic Italian Ice to Utilize Vending Carts on the Beach Strand – Commissioner Dyer

Agenda Packet – pages 146 – 148
On April 1, 2010 Sunset Slush Classic Italian Ice, which has been serving the Brunswick County area since 2003 had the privilege of becoming a part of the Holden Beach community. We have strived to bring a family fun-filled and inviting atmosphere to our beautiful beach town while serving our delicious Italian ice. We have been approached every summer by tourists and locals alike inquiring why we do not serve on the strand. Of course, we always respond letting them know that we have tried but the laws of the town prohibit vending. With all the changes coming to Holden Beach this season, paid parking and vending food trucks, we are thinking it is a great time to ask the town to revisit our proposal to bring our carts to Holden Beach. We are entering our 19th season of vending with our carts on Ocean Isle Beach and Oak Island. We have made great relationships with our customers on all of our Brunswick County beaches and we hope our reputation speaks within itself of how we do business and support the growth and change of our beautiful area and beaches. We would greatly appreciate your consideration in giving us the opportunity as beach servers, if not long-term then maybe consider a trial season to see if this is something the town, the locals and tourists would enjoy as a desirable addition as our family beach continues to grow.

For the purpose of this chapter, PEDDLING shall mean the selling, bartering, or exchanging or the offering for sale of any tangible personal property, including but not limited to food and ice cream, upon or along the streets, highways, or public places of the town or from private property within or without the permission of the owner thereof, from any wagon, truck, pushcart, concession stand, or tent, or other movable receptacles of any kind.

Pursuant to the authority granted under G.S. §§ 160A-178 and 160A-194, as amended, the activity of peddling within the limits of the town is prohibited.

Sunset Slush has been operating on Holden Beach since 2010. They currently have pushcarts on other islands in the surrounding communities. They are requesting permission to operate pushcarts on our beach strand here too. They are nothing if not persistent; this will be at least the fifth time (08, 12, 14, 17, 22) that they have made this request to operate pushcarts on our beach strand. Currently our ordinances outright prohibits peddling. The Board allowed the owners the Sellers family, who are from here, to make a presentation. They reviewed the protocols on the other islands that allow them to operate there. They used a basic sales technique, they addressed what they know to be the standard objections to allow peddling on the beach strand. The Board gave town staff a directive to bring proposed Ordinance for consideration at the next meeting, with the recommendation to benchmark off OIB existing Ordinance. Even by limiting it to vendors with a brick-and-mortar presence on the island, that would still allow nine (9) potential vendors to peddle on the beach strand. Is that really what we want? This Board, in their infinite wisdom, think that this is a good idea despite four (4) previous Boards not approving this same request. But, as the saying goes: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Allowing peddling on the beach strand would set a really bad precedent. Once you allow one vendor to peddle goods others will want to get in the queue and request to do the same thing. Where do you draw the line? Do the island property owners want to commercialize the island? Do we really want peddlers on the beach strand? Do we want to be the next Jersey Shore? I don’t think so!

Update –
Proposal is for allowing peddling on the beach strand with specific guidelines as follows:

      • Only Vendors With a Brick-and-Mortar Presence on the Island
      • Permits Required
      • Associated Fees ($250 permit / $1,000 per pushcart)
      • Food & Beverages Only
      • Locations Permitted
      • Restricted Dates
      • Restricted Times
      • Pushcart Design
      • Insurance Requirements

Unable to benchmark off of other locations that have an ordinance that addresses peddling. Timbo felt it was easier to modify our existing ordinance. Vendor will need to meet the conditions stated in the ordinance to get an annual permit. They will be permitted to operate Easter through October from 10:00am to 6:00pm. That gives them the option to be out there when it makes business sense to be on the beach strand. Our Town attorney will review the submitted ordinance for consideration. Plan is for final version of ordinance will be submitted for approval by the Board at the next meeting.

A decision was made – Approved unanimously

9. Discussion and Possible Action on Status Update for Wetland Delineation of Marsh and 800 Block Lots – Inspections Director Evans

Agenda Packet – background information was not provided

Previously reported – June 2022
Discussion and Possible Action on Status Update for Wetland Delineation of Marsh and 800 Block Lots – Commissioner Murdock
Commissioner Kwiatkowski handled this in Brian’s absence. They would like to provide parking in these areas wherever possible. Delineation was approved without a site visit, so we can proceed with site planning only. USACE/CAMA determination required before we can actually proceed to put parking there. Timbo described where we could possibly have parking, a number of these locations will require having bulkheads. Pat asked, how many parking spaces could we get? He said that he will need to go back and redo analysis to make a determination. He will bring information back to the next BOC’s meeting for the number of parking spaces, only in the areas closest to beach accesses

Previously reported – April 2022
Draft has been prepared, USACE is here, and we are waiting their determination.

Previously reported – March 2022
Per the Board’s direction the wetland delineation is underway, clearing parcels as needed for the surveyors.

Previously reported – February 2022
They have ordered an engineer to delineate the wetland areas, work is to be completed in the next two (2) weeks

Previously reported – January 2022
They agreed that they will need to get our plans to the DOT for their approval. Also, it will require a civil engineer to delineate the wetland area and do any required permitting. Brian made a motion that we delineate all town property bordering marsh areas that is included in the parking plan.

Update –
We delineated all town property bordering marsh areas that is included in the parking plan. The discussion was about adding parking on marsh streets and the 800 Block lots. Results of the wetlands determination was that there are only about thirty-five (35) viable parking spots. We don’t know yet if they will be allowed to be permitted.

10. Discussion and Possible Approval of Resolution 22-07, Resolution of Intent to Permanently Close a Portion of Carolina Avenue – Town Clerk Finnell

Agenda Packet – pages 43 – 48

At the May 17th meeting, the Board instructed staff to move forward with the process to close a portion of Carolina Avenue between Quinton Street and Jordan Boulevard. A survey for the area has been completed. The metes and bounds description has been added to the draft resolution of intent presented at the May meeting (Attachment 1).

Staff is proposing that the required public hearing be held at the September 20, 2022 meeting. This will allow staff time to advertise the public hearing for four successive weeks, post the property and mail any required notices required per North Carolina Statute §160A-299. Attached is the summary of the process that was presented at the May meeting (Attachment 2).

If the Board would like to move forward with the closure of Carolina Avenue between Quinton Street and Jordan Boulevard, the suggested motion is to approve Resolution 22-07, Resolution of Intent to Permanently Close a Portion of Carolina Avenue and schedule the public hearing for September 20, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Holden Beach Board of Commissioners, as follows:

Section 1. It is the intent of the Holden Beach Board of Commissioners to permanently close a portion of Carolina Avenue from its intersection with Jordan Boulevard to its intersection with Quinton Street (See Attached Exhibit A for Legal Description). Said street is located within the corporate limits of the Town of Holden Beach, North Carolina.

Section 2. A public hearing on the matter of the above-described proposed permanent closure of the described portion of Carolina Avenue is hereby called and is to be held at the regular meeting of the Holden Beach Board of Commissioners on September 20, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. in the Holden Beach Town Hall Public Assembly, 110 Rothschild Street, Holden Beach, NC 28462. At said public hearing, any person may be heard on the question of whether or not the intended closing of the specified portion of Carolina Avenue would be detrimental to the public interest or the property rights of any individual.

§ 160A-299. Procedure for permanently closing streets and alleys.
(a) When a city proposes to permanently close any street or public alley, the council shall first adopt a resolution declaring its intent to close the street or alley and calling a public hearing on the question. The resolution shall be published once a week for four successive weeks prior to the hearing, a copy thereof shall be sent by registered or certified mail to all owners of property adjoining the street or alley as shown on the county tax records, and a notice of the closing and public hearing shall be prominently posted in at least two places along the street or alley. At the hearing, any person may be heard on the question of whether or not the closing would be detrimental to the public interest, or the property rights of any individual. If it appears to the satisfaction of the council after the hearing that closing the street or alley is not contrary to the public interest, and that no individual owning property in the vicinity of the street or alley or in the subdivision in which it is located would thereby be deprived of reasonable means of ingress and egress to his property, the council may adopt an order closing the street or alley. A certified copy of the order (or judgment of the court) shall be filed in the office of the register of deeds of the county in which the street, or any portion thereof, is located. Upon the closing of a street or alley in accordance with this section, subject to the provisions of subsection (f) of this section, all right, title, and interest in the right-of-way shall be conclusively presumed to be vested in those persons owning lots or parcels of land adjacent to the street or alley, and the title of such adjoining landowners, for the width of the abutting land owned by them, shall extend to the centerline of the street or alley.

Previously reported – May 2022
Discussion and Provision of Staff Direction Concerning the Closure of a Portion of Carolina Avenue (Between Jordan Boulevard and Quinton Street) and Related Block Q Site Development Actions – Town Manager Hewett

North Carolina Statute §160A-299, lays out the process to permanently close a street/alley. Attached is a summary of the process (Attachment 1).

A draft resolution of intent is included for your review (Attachment 2). In order for the Board to adopt the resolution of intent to close Carolina Avenue from its intersection with Jordan Boulevard to its intersection with Quinton Street, it would require a property survey of the specific road area proposed to be closed to obtain a metes and bounds description.

Staff seeks direction on if the Board would like to move forward with the process to close a portion of Carolina Avenue and on related Block Q site development actions.

The intent is to close Carolina Avenue from its intersection with Jordan Boulevard to its intersection with Quinton Street. David provided a draft of a proposed Resolution that will have to be adopted by the Board in order to proceed. A Public Hearing will also be required to move forward. He outlined the steps necessary to make this happen. Motion was made to move forward with the process as outlined.

Update –
NCGS 160A-299 state the Protocols for Permanently Closing Streets. The Resolution adopted by the Board is necessary in order to proceed. A Public Hearing is required to move forward and was scheduled.

A decision was made – Approved unanimously

  • 11. Discussion and Possible Action on Statements of Qualifications Received for Block Q and the Pier Properties – Town Manager Hewett

Agenda Packet – page 49, plus separate packets

Separate RFQs to provide comprehensive Engineering and Architectural services for the development/redevelopment of the Block Q and the Pier properties were advertised in June. McGill and Associates was the only firm that submitted responses. (Atch 1 & 2). Should the Board desire to utilize McGill for the Pier and/or Block Q project(s) it would need to direct staff to have contract proposal(s) prepared for consideration/approval.

RFQ Response – Pier

RFQ Response – Block Q

Update –
The Board was not comfortable with having only one response. They gave direction to the Town Manager to reach out and attempt to get more responses.

  • 12. Discussion of Post & Rope Definitions and Other Considerations Related to Section 95.05 Streets Rights-of-Way and Determination of Next Steps – Commissioner Kwiatkowski

    Agenda Packet – pages 50 – 52


    At the January 2022 BOCM I objected to the proposed changes to § 95.05 STREET RIGHTS-OF-WAY for a number of reasons listed in a document included in the January meeting packet. In particular, the proposed version removed the right of property owners to post and rope within the 10 feet closest to the pavement and significantly restricted landscape options within the same area.

    While the majority of the Board agreed and did not approve changes to the existing 95.05, there was discussion about amending the current version at a near future meeting to better define what is allowable post and rope in the 1O feet nearest the pavement or roadbed.


    In the existing ordinance, it is stated Landscaping in street rights-of-way:

    • Must not present a safety hazard;
    • Must not impede traffic;
    • Is placed at the risk of the individual; and
    • Is encouraged


    ” (B) The ten feet of rights-of-way nearest the pavement or road bed shall remain clear of all items with the following exceptions:

    • Mailboxes, newspaper boxes, post and rope not to exceed 24 inches from grade.
    • Grass, an approved pervious product or vegetation not to exceed one foot in height.
    • The properties located at 1189, 1190, 1191 and 1192 Ocean Boulevard West may install or place a fence within the right-of-way.”

    There are numerous cases of posts placed right at the roadside, which are a potential hazard for drivers and bikers. Post height violations also exist. There are also various cases of “post and rope” selections that stretch the definitions of posts and rope, such as spikes and stakes, twine and chains, all that add to safety concerns.

    Given the fact there are numerous existing violations of what is currently allowed for property owners to place in the ROW adjacent to their property, as well as continuing addition of post and rope and landscape plants within the ROW not in compliance with the existing ordinance, I believe both post and rope and landscape need to be addressed. Setting a minimum for how far off the road edge post and rope should be placed and defining allowable post and rope selections could alleviate safety concerns. The need for better post visibility has also been raised and should be included in discussion (consideration of height, night visibility). Also, as the Town looked at paid parking possibilities for side street ROWs, it was identified that a 25 ft no parking restriction at intersections was not adequate to allow fire trucks unimpeded entry to the street in case of a fire emergency, so I also propose we consider whether there need to be additional restrictions in the 40 foot no parking areas at intersections.

    Some Comparative Data

    While looking at how municipalities throughout the country “manage” the ROW, one example that seems pragmatic segments the ROW into the first 3 feet from the road and then the next 3 feet and also addresses visibility at intersections which are included only as FYI (see table below with comparison to HB regulation).

    Possible Changes to Town Regulations for Discussion, Decision

    Language to differentiate driveway vs ROW?

    Post defined as 4X4 or 6X6 or between 4- and 6- inch diameter? Only wood or plastic? Posts not permanently set in ground.

    Rope is mandated, not wire or twine or chains- how define?

    P&R not allowed nearer than 3? 6? Other option? feet from road edge.

    No P&R within 10? Other option? ft of road edge in the defined no parking area at intersections (40 ft)? Same for any other obstructions?

    No P&R within 10 feet of road edge on OB?

    Post height 2? 3? ft. If 3 ft is selected, can 2 ft post height be allowed where legal 2 ft post currently exists (but must be moved back if not compliant with road setback decision)?

    Reflectors required for night visibility?

    No landscape over 6 inches nearer than 3? 6? Other option? feet from road.

    Adjust vegetation height at some point within the 10 feet nearest road? If so, at what distance from road and what height?

    No obstructions (e.g., rocks, railroad ties- to define) nearer than how many feet from road?

    No P&R or landscaping over 6 inches high to be installed within 3? Other option? feet of existing parking zone signs/no P&R or landscaping over 6 inches high to be installed that interferes with an established parking zone?

    Spikes, stakes, “posts” not of approved materials or posts less than 2 ft high within 10 ft of the road edge to be removed within 30? Other option? days. Otherwise, 180 days to come into compliance?

    Any others?

    As for all ordinance considerations, is important any definitions and conditions are clear to help owners avoid inadvertent errors and enable enforcement.

    Previously reported – April 2018
    Parking for Implementation Prior to the 2018 Beach Season – Commissioner Butler
    Revise the Town Ordinance 95.05 to accommodate the recommendation for property owners to have an option to preserve their landscaping and irrigation systems by installing a post and rope in the right­ of-way not to exceed 24″ in grade.

    This came out of the parking committee. At the time, the original intent was to eliminate all right-of-way parking. However, not allowing any parking in the rights-of-way creates its own set of problems. Instead of outright banning parking in the rights-of-way they gave the property owner an option to use post and rope. This was a reasonable accommodation to prevent parking on your property.

    Previously reported – June 2021
    Discussion and Possible Action on Holden Beach Code of Ordinances, Section §95.05, Street Rights-of-Way – Mayor Pro Tem Brown

    Agenda Packet –


    (A) The purpose of this regulation is to establish what may be placed in street rights-of-way which are cleared by installation or repair of utilities, streets, or walkways. This regulation is not intended to remove or destroy landscaping or structures which are presently in place. Landscaping in street rights-of-way:

    (1) Must not present a safety hazard;
    (2) Must not impede traffic;
    (3) Is placed at the risk of the individual; and
    (4) Is encouraged.

    Timbo had pictures and a video to show what property owners have put up in the rights-of-way. Many were not in compliance with the ordinance. (Question: So why hasn’t he enforced any ordinance noncompliance?) Commissioner Sullivan & Kwiatkowski explained how we came to have an ordinance that allowed post and rope in their rights-of-way, it was an accommodation and it achieved what the majority of our residents wanted. Commissioner Murdock said that the property owners do not want people parking in their yard, we need to eliminate parking in the rights-of-way. We need to find a solution to the parking problem, an alternative to rights-of-way parking by providing a reasonable number of parking spots. They decided to wait and see what the Parking Committee presents as their recommendations to the Board. In the meantime, noncompliance can be dealt with on a regularity basis. No decision to change the ordinance was made so the ordinance will remain in effect as currently written.

    No decision was made – No action taken

    I personally object to parking in the rights-of-way, but the post and rope solution was what was offered as a meet them halfway compromise. Just so you know, the public can legally park their vehicles in the rights-of-way excluding regulated areas listed in the ordinance. So let me get this straight, you spend big bucks to landscape your property and put in an irrigation system, but the public can park on your property trashing your landscaping and irrigation system. In what universe does this make any sense?

    Instead of eliminating this option maybe we should try getting compliance with the ordinance first.

    The ordinance as written states:

      • “must not present a safety hazard” so we can address any safety issues without any changes
      • “post and rope not to exceed 24 inches from grade” so we can enforce any noncompliance

    Eliminating the post and rope option does not mean eliminating them from properties that are currently in compliance with the ordinance since it is my understanding that they would be grandfathered in

    The Ordinance is vague, if it stands as is written then perhaps, we should clarify exactly what can be done

      • Size of posts used
      • Minimum setback from the street


  • Previously reported – June 2022
    One year later and all things are as they were …
    We identified properties that were not in compliance, and nothing was done!
    I’m not an attorney, but I believe this goes from being a liability to negligence

  • Liability
    – the state of being responsible for something, especially by law

    – failure to take proper care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstances 

  • Update –
    Pat presented some proposed changes to the current Post and Rope ordinance. This was simply a discussion of the variables that need to be considered. All these things need to be worked out in order to put together an ordinance. They agreed that it needs to be standardized, and easily understood by the public. Town Manager will get feedback from the League of Municipality before they proceed.

    13. Discussion and Possible Selection of Members to Serve on Town Boards – Town Clerk Finnell

    Agenda Packet – pages 53 – 56

    Interviews for people interested in serving on various Town boards are scheduled for July 19th at 4:45p.m. Just a reminder that current  members are not  normally  interviewed  again, so I did  not ask them  to be  at the meeting. Below is a breakdown of the vacancies on each board.

    Parks & Recreation Advisory Board: There are two vacancies.

    Planning & Zoning Board: There are two alternate member terms and one regular member term expiring. Alternate members John Cain and Mark Francis are eligible and willing to serve another term . One of them could be moved to a regular member position if the Board desires.

    Board of Adjustment: Regular member, Richard Griffin’s term is expiring. He is eligible and willing to serve another term. There is also a vacant alternate position.

    Ballots will be supplied at the meeting if the Board desires to vote by ballot.

    No regular member shall serve for more than two consecutive terms, and a member having served two consecutive terms shall not be eligible for reappointment until after remaining off the Board for one year.

    Previously reported – June 2022
    Discussion and Possible Setting of Date to Hold Interviews for Vacancies on Town Boards – Town Clerk Finnell
    There are terms expiring on Town boards in July. I recommend the Board hold interviews on Tuesday, July 19th at 4:45 p.m. for people interested in filling vacant terms.

     Agreed to hold interviews to fill vacancies before the next BOC’s Regular July meeting

    Volunteers Needed
    The Town has vacancies on the Board of Adjustment, Planning & Zoning Board, and the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board. Interviews for the vacancies will be held on Tuesday, July 19th at 4:45 p.m. Click here to access an application if you are interested in applying to serve. Completed applications can be emailed to [email protected] or dropped off at Town Hall.

    Update –
    The Board voted by ballot and selected the following candidates to fill the vacancies.

    Parks & Recreation
    Keith Smith
    Peggy Schiavone

    Planning & Zoning
    John Cain
    Mark Francis / alternate
    Aldo Rovito / alternate

    Board of Adjustment
    Richard Griffin
    Rick McInturf / alternate
    Gerald Arnold / alternate

    14. Discussion and Possible Action on Monthly Financial Report Content – Commissioner Kwiatkowski

    Agenda Packet – pages 57

    The monthly financial report provides revenues and expenditures data in comparison to the current revenue and appropriations estimates. It is also important to compare the current status compared to the original estimates established in the budget ordinance. A column for the Budget Ordinance estimated values should be added to the Statement of Actual & Estimated Revenue and Statement of Expenditures, Encumbrances & Appropriations monthly reports.

    As we are at the start of the pier property project, the level of detail for financial reports needs to be established. Line items should exist for major expenditures such as engineering costs, building renovation, pier renovation, beach access construction, insurance, maintenance, etc.. The Board should consult with the Finance Officer and agree the appropriate level of detail by the end of September.

    Update –
    These are two (2) separate issues. The first one is a request to the Finance Officer to provide additional information to the Board. The second one asked the town staff to get back to them with what the appropriate level of detail on the pier property should be.

    15. Town Manager’s Report

FEMA storm damage repair project
Rolled over the special obligation bond of $4.28M
We will incur interest payment charges of $617K
Eligibility for reimbursement has not been determined yet

 Previously reported – June 2022
Central Reach Project 2 , beach strand construction activities are completed
Anticipate final inspection by end of July

Paving has been completed, just waiting for the final inspection
Anticipates that the property owner assessments will be about $2,800 per 50’ lot
The formal steps to assess these properties has started
Protocols will take several months
This will impact General Fund Balance available

Previously reported – June 2022
Drainage pipes in, grade set, base course laid, blacktop paving should be done soon

Previously reported – May 2022
Seagull Street is having grade stakes set, he expects paving to start this week or next.
David anticipates paving will be completed before Memorial Day.

Manning, recruitment, and retention continue to be challenging for the Town staff
Of the twenty-nine (29) full time positions only twenty-four (24) of those are filled
Currently have five (5) vacant positions, staffing level is only at 82% 

Parking Revenue
Recently received enabling legislation that amends the rules which will allow us to use proceeds for any public purpose we want

SESSION 2021 / SESSION LAW 2022-38

The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1. Section 2(b) of S.L. 2021-46 reads as rewritten:
“SECTION 2.(b) This section applies to the Town Towns of Holden Beach and Surf City only.”

SECTION 2. This act is effective when it becomes law.
In the General Assembly read three times and ratified this the 1st day of July, 2022.

Lift Station #1
Performance is giving us cause of concern, we will need to go in upgrade mode
They don’t feel that it will last three (3) more years as planned
It is not in our Capital Plan and has not raised to level of discussion yet
Staff will bring forward suggestions for the Board to consider a Capital Plan

Local Government Commission
They have modified debt issuance calendar which will accelerate the audit schedule
We will not be in a position to borrow any funds until after the new year

  • In Case You Missed It –


Shark fishing tournament
reels in big concerns


After intense pressure by leaders of four beach communities, organizers of a shore-based shark fishing tournament have agreed to shift the event from mid-summer to October, along with making other concessions for swimmer safety. The Southport-based Madkingz Tackle fishing store-sponsored event will now be the first week of October, instead of July 15-22 as previously announced, said owner Marty Wright. At first, the event was to include shore-based anglers who could fish anytime for sharks from the eastern tip of Oak Island (Caswell Beach) to Ocean Isle Beach. Participants would have been allowed to chum for sharks using kayaks up to a mile offshore. Chumming is a practice that usually involves putting blood, internal organs and fish parts in the water to attract sharks. It is prohibited on Oak Island Pier year-round. The plan churned a tempest of controversy and rebukes from leaders of Oak Island, Ocean Isle, Holden, and Caswell beaches, who said that intentionally attracting sharks to the shore during the height of the tourist season would be unwise. “It’s idiotic to put shark bait in with our swimmers at the busiest time of the year,” said Holden Beach Mayor Alan Holden, who has worked as a commercial fisherman, charter boat captain, 100-ton certified ship captain and been an avid recreational angler for 70 years. His town was considering seeking a court injunction before tournament plans changed. Caswell Beach and at least two other towns sent letters of protest to the sponsor. “Given the fact that the intent of this activity is to bring predators closer to the shore, The Town of Caswell Beach cannot condone a tournament such as this because of the unnecessary increase in danger to swimmers,” town officials wrote in a July 8 letter. The town asked for the shark tournament to be cancelled and threatened legal action if that didn’t happen. “The right to harvest fish is a strong right and it’s well-protected,” said Oak Island Mayor Liz White. “We have no intent to infringe on people and we have a lot of people who fish here year-round.” White added, however, that she believed the type of tournament first suggested “puts public safety in jeopardy.” Ocean Isle Mayor Debbie Smith called the original event “not the thing to do in the surf in the middle of summer.” Tournament sponsor Wright said that after a respectful call from White, he agreed to modify the tournament. The new rules are that land-based shark anglers must fish only at night, during the first week of October. The tournament is catch-and-release only and no chumming is allowed, Wright said. Participants will take pictures of landed sharks with tape measures and use a digital security device to ensure the shots are during specified times. “It’s not going to make a difference, but it’s about perception,” stated Wright, who resides at Oak Island and said he’d been fishing in the Cape Fear region for at least a dozen years.
Read more » click here

New trial date scheduled for Town of Holden Beach and man who planned shore-based shark tournament
WWAY has learned more about the documents filed against the man who planned a shark fishing tournament earlier this month in Brunswick County. A temporary restraining order filed July 13th by the Town of Holden Beach against the owner of Madkingz Tackle Marty Wright who also sponsored the controversial shark fishing tournament, was extended until July 23. According to court documents, both parties agreed the land-based shark tournament would be canceled. Leaders from Oak Island, Ocean Isle, and Both Holden and Caswell Beaches were concerned the tournament would be bad for business and create an unneeded danger in the water. WWAY reached out to the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries and talked to their spokeswoman Patricia Smith who said these types of tournaments are allowed, but with rules. “We do not prohibit shark fishing from our state’s beaches, there is a state tournament license that exists but that’s only required if you’re going to sell your catch,” said Smith. Those who plan on making a profit can obtain a license through the Division of Marine Fisheries License Offices. “There are some tournaments that fish are brought in to sell to a dealer, obviously all the fishermen will need to have a Coastal Recreational fishing license,” she said. These regulations apply to those 16 years of age or older who need to keep in mind the size and possession limits on different species of sharks in North Carolina waters. “So, any fishermen planning on going shark fishing would need to come on to our website and download a copy of those regulations,” said Smith. Court documents show a new trial is scheduled for July 26, WWAY reached out to both Holden Beach Mayor Alan Holden and Marty Wright, both said they would not comment at this time. Wright planned another shore-based shark fishing tournament for the first week of October. The rules and regulations surrounding fishing tournaments can be found by clicking here. The regulations can be found on the Division of Marine Fisheries website Proclamation FF-41-2022, or anglers can download the Fish Rules App. These licenses are sold at Division of Marine Fisheries License Offices, online at, and at many outdoors and bait and tackle shops. N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries does not prohibit chum fishing.
Read more » click here 

Effective May 20th – September 20th, pets are not allowed on the beach strand between the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Please remember that any time your dog is off your premise, they must be under control of a reasonable person either by a leash, cord or chain at all times. Also, dog owners shall remove dog waste immediately after it is deposited by the dog when on public property, public park property, public right-of-way property or any private property, including vacant lots, without the permission of the private property owner. Dog waste stations are conveniently located throughout the island.

Holden Beach Pier
The Town has completed the transaction to acquire the pier properties at 441 Ocean Boulevard West. The pier and adjacent buildings are closed until further notice. The parking lot and beach access on the east side of the pier will remain open and are free for public use at this time. It is anticipated that parking fees will be charged for the pier lot starting May 1st.

  • Paid Parking on Holden Beach
    Paid parking will be implemented in the Town of Holden Beach on May 1, 2022 for all Holden Beach designated parking areas. It will be enforced from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. daily, with free parking before and after that time. All parking will use license plates for verification.

    Holden Beach will use the “SurfCAST by Otto” parking solution. This mobile app for Apple and Android mobile devices is NOW LIVE. You will also be able to purchase passes by scanning the QR-codes located on the parking signs for access to

    Passes CANNOT be purchased by contacting Town Hall.

    Parking rates for a single vehicle in all designated areas will be:
    $3 per hour for up to four hours
    $15 per day and for any duration greater than four hours
    $60 per week (seven consecutive days)

    Annual Passes
    $125 per calendar year for a single vehicle

    Handicap parking is free in designated handicap spaces and only with a valid license plate or hangtag.

    Parking rates can be paid via credit card, debit card or PayPal.

    Visit for more information and to view a table with authorized parking areas.

Upcoming Events –

National Park & Recreation Month
Join us in celebrating National Park and Recreation Month with some special activities highlighting all that Holden Beach has to offer. Participants in each activity will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win fun prizes. 

Holden Beach BINGO
Embark on an adventure around the island with our special Holden Beach bingo sheets. To participate, complete activities on the sheet to try to get a bingo and be sure to take a picture of each activity. Once you get a bingo, send your completed bingo sheet as well as your photos of each activity to [email protected]. Submissions are due by Thursday, July 28th to be entered into the prize drawing taking place on Friday, July 29th.  

Photo Contest
Help us capture the beauty of our local parks by entering our photo contest. To participate, take a picture of your favorite park and send it to [email protected]. Please submit your photos by Thursday July 28th and a  winner for the best photo will be chosen on Friday July 29th. 

  • 16. Executive Session Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 143-318.11(A)(3), To Consult with the Town Attorney – Town Manager Hewett

    Item was added to the agenda

    No decision was made – No action taken

    General Comments –

Holden Beach Commissioner Gerald Brown passes away
Holden Beach Town Commissioner Gerald Brown has passed away after battling health issues for the past several weeks, according to Mayor J. Alan Holden. Holden said Brown passed away in the hospital on Sunday. Brown was elected as Town Commissioner in November 2019. He served as Mayor Pro Tem after taking office. Holden said he hoped to have additional details on services for Brown in the next couple of days. According to the mayor, the Board of Commissioners will appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of Brown’s current term, which ends in December 2023. Holden said he did not know when that selection would take place.

BOC’s Meeting

The Board of Commissioners’ next Regular Meeting is scheduled on the third Tuesday of the month, August 16th

Satellite Image of Hurricane Cyclone Building Up


Hurricane Season
For more information » click here

Be prepared – have a plan!


No matter what a storm outlook is for a given year,
vigilance and preparedness is urged.

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