Four Beach Chairs and Two Large Beach Umbrellas

Beach – Rules & Regulations


Public Beach Access
Welcome to Holden Beach
Beach Strand – Rules & Regulations

     1) No lifeguards on duty
         a) Rip tides are dangerous
.           • Swim parallel to shoreline to get out of current

     2) Keep off the dunes

     3) Responsibilities of pet owners
          a) Pets must be on a leash at all times
         b) Pets are not allowed on the beach strand
              • during the hours of 9:00am through 5:00pm

              • from May 20th through September 10th
         c) Clean up after your pets

     4) All beach equipment must be removed daily
             • between 6pm and 7am

     5) No alcoholic beverages allowed

      6) No glass containers allowed

      7) No Fireworks

      8) Please do not litter

      9) Digging holes – fill back in before leaving
.       a) Do not leave holes unattended

     10)  Fishing License is required

     11)  Observe signs for exact parking prohibitions
             • No Parking Anytime on Ocean Boulevard

Enjoy Your Stay / 910.842.6488