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2 thoughts on “Questions or Comments?”

  1. Sent: Monday, January 22, 2018 9:22 PM
    To: Louis Cutajar
    Subject: BOC Meeting – Mayor’s Comments

    Noticed in your newsletter in the section about the Mayor’s comments at the BOC meeting that you did not note that most of the audience applauded his comments indicating their agreement and support that the Mayor should be included in running the town at least from an information, discussion, and experience perspective. I assume this was just an oversight on your part.
    I agree his duties are clearly laid out in the ordinances you quoted. However, I also agree the Mayor’s experience and knowledge of HB is a valuable asset. Why are BOC members afraid to capitalize on this asset? As you stated, he has no voting power. His comments also included concerns about certain BOC members violating various policies around unapproved communication with the press and discussions of employment with prospective candidates without BOC approval. I believe it was appropriate for the Mayor to make these comments.
    Woody Tyner
    137 Tarpon Drive

    1. No oversight, clapping is inappropriate at a Board meeting

      This is what Holden Beach Property Owners Association had to say –
      Commissioners’ Meeting Follow Up
      Mayor’s Comments – Mayor Holden expressed concerns about how the BOC is operating.

      So I think I reported the pertinent information accurately

      The Mayor should voice is concerns but it is the where that we disagree on

      However, you are entitled to your opinion


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